Government to invest more than 900 million pesos in works in Puerto Plata

The Administrative Ministries of the Presidency and Tourism will invest RD $908 million in works in the province of Puerto Plata. This was announced by Ministers José Ignacio Paliza and David Collado.

Among the investments to be made jointly by both ministries are the construction of the Plaza Artesanal, at a cost of RD $50 million, as well as the repair of sidewalks, curbs and storm drainage of the entire historic center of San Felipe de Puerto Plata with an investment of RD $105 million.

Also, RD$48 million will be invested in the asphalting of several streets around the cruise terminals and the historic center of the city and RD$608 million in the reorganization and reorganization of Sosúa Beach, after a consensus with the vendors and federations.

In addition, they announced that the Government will intervene the historic Long Beach on the Puerto Plata boardwalk at the request of vendors and tour guides; the refurbishment of the entrance to the Puerto Plata Cable Car, which will resume operations in the coming days.

Collado explained that the first meeting began with the military organizations of the province, with whom they agreed to reinforce security in the city where tourists travel, especially the cruise terminals.

“We firmly believe that Puerto Plata is going to re-emerge as the spearhead of tourism in the Dominican Republic and for that we have to guarantee our security,” Collado emphasized by highlighting that a year and a half ago when he came to Puerto Plata there were no tourists and today hundreds come on cruise ships and through flights.


Minister José Ignacio Paliza said that with these investments to be made by the Government of Luis Abinader, as well as others that are being carried out throughout the province, tourism will be reborn and Puerto Plata will be consolidated and will once again become a national and world reference.

These works will enter a bidding process by both ministries to comply with Law 340-06 on Purchasing and Contracting, so they will begin in about 100 days.

Among the national authorities were the Deputy Administrative Minister of the Presidency, Igor Rodríguez; the director of the Tourism Police (Politur), Brigadier General Minoru Matsunaga; while from the province, Governor Claritza Rochte, Senator Ginette Bournigal, Congressman Emil Durán; Mayor Roquelito García; the Director of Tourism, Stephanie Khouri, among others.


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