Hoteliers of Romana-Bayahibe advocate for highway expansion

Improvements in the highway which connects the Coral Highway with Bayahibe and the slums of the beaches, are some of the main concerns of the hotel sector of La Romana, expressed Ana García-Sotoca, executive director of the Association of Hotels La Romana-Bayahibe (AHRB).

They understand that the highway should be widened to four lanes, since the road is becoming too small, due to the fact that between 15 and 20 thousand people circulate daily on the route.

He recalled that it must be taken into account that in the area there are more than 5,000 rooms and the circulation Se Aboga por la Ampliación de la Autopistaof two and three thousand people daily who visit Saona Island, plus the employees of the hotels, the constructions that are being executed in place and the residents of the area.

“We do not want accidents to happen and then say that a road is needed, we go further, we already know what the road is needed, well, we work before we have to regret the accidents”, he said.

He stated that they are concerned that the referred situation will not allow them to continue the development of the area in a correct way.

“We are working with the Government to see if we can widen the road to four lanes, it is one of the main needs; accidents happen here as they happen all over the country, but we go beyond that, we do not want accidents to happen and then say that a road is needed”, he emphasized.

Other needs of the zone, according to García-Sotoca, is the development plan being carried out by the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur), according to Diario Libre.

He understands that the plan of order will be a before and an after in the area of Bayahibe, where the boats will be relocated and a park will be realized.

“With this initiative, the vendors will be removed from the beaches and an artisanal market will be built for them. This will make it easier to organize tourism in a cleaner way and will improve the experience of both the tourist and those who live in the area,” he added.

Regarding the beach slums, “in fact, we are working with Mitur and the private sector to free the beaches and remove the stalls of vendors, which is also a problem for the whole country”.

“The planning of the destination of the area of La Romana is an issue that should be an opportunity to improve the area, it is a very hard work to see how it is visualized in 10 years and what is needed to be able to be like in that time. This action must be carried out jointly, public and private sector”, he pointed out.

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