Inauguration of multiple works in the El Caliche sector

First Lady Raquel Arbaje and Felipe Suberví (Fellito), general director of the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewage Corporation (Caasd), inaugurated the sanitation of a section of the Cañada Paseo de la Gracia de Dios and a Primary Health Care Center in the El Caliche sector of Los Ríos, benefiting 2,500 inhabitants of the area.

The health facility was a request of the First Lady of the Republic, Raquel Arbaje, to the director of Caasd, when they started the works of sanitation of the ravine, with the objective that the vulnerable population of this sector and surrounding areas can have a Primary Care Center, which will allow a faster access to health services in this community and surrounding areas.

Suberví highlighted the commitment and special interest of the First Lady in primary health care, with health spaces close to the population that help to a great extent to decongest the hospitals, a situation that can cause that many people do not receive medical attention in a timely manner and that their situation worsens.

“She motivated us to build this center and she was always looking forward to its development, and look at the result, a clinic equipped with air-conditioned emergency areas, general and dental consultation rooms, parking, permanent water and a People’s Pharmacy. A dignified space for everyone”, explained Fellito Suberví.

The director of Caasd highlighted with great enthusiasm the set of works being developed and delivered by the government of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader Corona, which promote and improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable sectors of the country, with efficiency and transparency.

He said that works like these continue to change the lives of the people of these communities and the surroundings. “Here there was a gully that when it rained the families had to go out and protect their belongings from the water currents and solid waste, now we turned it into a space free of contamination, and with a medical dispensary.”

Suberví revealed that last year alone, they concluded the encasing of 501 linear meters and the cleaning of the Paseo de la Gracia de Dios gully, where the dispensary was built, and that they are continuing the second phase, which involves cleaning 414 linear meters more of this tributary, which will be ready soon.

Also, during the sanitation works, three houses, which were affected during the development of the works, were refurbished.

In recent days, the director of Caasd has been focused on the improvement and distribution of drinking water for Greater Santo Domingo, serving more than 450 million gallons per day.

In addition to the delivery of a series of works that improve and change the lives of many communities, such as: the housing complex of La Zurza; the sanitation of the Cañada Sabana Perdida and construction of the park of the same name, the refurbishment of the Capotillo Tunnel, among others of collective interest.

Details of the dispensary

The dispensary has an emergency area, waiting rooms, bathrooms, general consultation office, dental consultation room, filing area, storage area and a small kitchen. All areas are air-conditioned and have an electric generator, parking and permanent drinking water services.

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