Inauguration of “Rocio Regalado Protocol DR”.

The educational center will offer exclusive training in the areas of communication and humanities.

With the aim of transforming customer service, boosting national identity, promoting good manners and civility in the Dominican Republic, Rocío Regalado, recognized expert in protocol, inaugurated her center “Rocío Regalado Protocolo RD”, a space created to offer integral training and constant development in all protocol branches.

The center will have a team of national and international professionals who will give workshops focused on institutional, business, sports, ecclesiastical and social protocol, as well as training in personal image, mastery of ceremonies, body language, dress code, organization and event planning, among others.

Playvolume00:00/00:51thenewTruvidfullScreRocío Regalado Protocolo RD will offer face-to-face, blended and virtual study modalities to guarantee global access to its training opportunities. It has strategic alliances with Norland College in the United Kingdom and with universities in Mexico and Europe in search of academic excellence. In addition, it will have a scholarship foundation to offer access and exclusive educational opportunities.

According to details, the creation of this precinct responds to the lack of protocol that exists in the country, according to the cultural analysis in the area that its founder, Rocio Regalado, has identified in the course of her outstanding career in the social field, so the mission of this center is to strengthen the foundations of education, pre-established social norms, respect, values, empathy, solidarity, loyalty and sorority, thus creating a valuable and necessary citizen gear in the Dominican nation.

“Here there is no space like this; we will be a platform driven by human values, with the purpose of leaving a legacy and working for the country. Our goal is to make communication more effective and conscious,” Regalado emphasized.

The new institute will be located on the second level of Plaza Dorada in the city of Santo Domingo and will open its doors on June 18, 2024.

The general director of Customs, Eduardo San Lovaton, highlighted that Regalado is a very professional person, for which he is sure that “this institution that is being born will be of much benefit to those who wish to be trained in the discipline of protocol.”

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