Inauguration of several projects in San Pedro de Macorís

With the objective of developing and making this province grow, President Luis Abinader inaugurated several works including a high school, a pedestrian bridge, a protection wall, a fortress and the asphalting of streets in different sectors. These works will contribute to improve, every day more, the living conditions of the inhabitants of this important province in the east of the country, contributing to education and a better way of life.

Professor José Alfonso Cabral High School

The first work inaugurated by the head of state in the afternoon was the Liceo Profesor José Alfonso Cabral, which consists of 24 classrooms and has a capacity of 840 students.

The Minister of Education, Angel Hernandez, said that, in his administration, President Abinader has worked on the quality of education and the most extensive reforms of the last 40 years in the education sector. He affirmed that his actions have laid the foundations for a better education in the Dominican Republic.

This school, which is located in the Villa Maranata neighborhood, will also benefit the sectors of Villa Progreso, Juan Pablo Duarte, Villa Progreso 1 and 2, Lindo, El Brisal, Loma del Cochero, Punta Garza and Titán, among many others.

President Abinader delivers 70 kilometers of asphalt in SPM, the reconstruction of a wall and the repair of the pedestrian bridge on the Coral highway.

Later, the president led the inauguration of the asphalting of 70 kilometers of the main streets of the province of San Pedro de Macoris. The reconstruction of a wall and the repair of the pedestrian bridge of the Coral highway were also delivered.

The benefited sectors were Naime I, Naime II, Villa España, 24 de Abril neighborhood, Blanco neighborhood, Oriental urbanization, Villa México, the streets of the center of the port, Placer Bonito in its first stage, Loma del Cochero, Barrio Lindo, San José de los Llanos, Los Transformadores, Quisqueya and Ebenecer.
The Minister of Public Works, Deligne Ascensión, expressed that President Abinader is giving back to the Sultana del Este what corresponds to the works delivered during his administration.

“Today, President Luis Abinader has come to settle that historical debt that the different governments have had, with a province that has contributed so much to the development of the country,” said the official.

Inauguration of areas of the General Pedro Santana Fortress

The last activity of the President was the inauguration ceremony of the different areas of the General Pedro Santana Fortress, which is the seat of the Sixth Infantry Brigade of the National Army in this province.

The head of state was received by the military with the honors of style corresponding to his high investiture.

When pronouncing the central words, the general commander of the Army, Major General Carlos Antonio Fernández Onofre, expressed that with this work, the President demonstrates his strategic vision of development in favor of the National Army and the working conditions of the soldiers.

Similarly, Fernandez Onofre also thanked President Abinader for the historic transformation that he has made to the Armed Forces, creating a stronger National Army.

The objective of the works for this project was to expand the infrastructure to accommodate more soldiers and improve the conditions of the compound.

With the works carried out, the offices, dining rooms, bathrooms, waterproofing of the roofs and new floors in some areas were improved. In addition, new refrigerators were installed and work was done in the kitchen, communication area and rooms.

President Abinader was accompanied by the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, Igor Rodríguez; the governor of the province, Yovani Agustina Núñez; the senator-elect, Aracelis Villanueva; the mayor of the municipality of San Pedro de Macorís, Raymundo Ortiz; Monsignor Santiago Rodríguez, of the Archdiocese of San Pedro de Macorís, and the deputies of the province, Lila Alburquerque, Luis Gómez Benzon and Calixta Paula.

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