INFOTEP Central America on Sustainable Community-based Tourism

The National Institute for Technical and Vocational Training (INFOTEP) presented the best practices it has implemented through the “Project for the Strengthening of the Community-Based Sustainable Tourism Development Mechanism”, to member countries of the Central American Integration System (SICA).

Rafael Santos Badía, general director of INFOTEP, was a speaker at the panel “Sustainable Community Tourism and Exchange of Good Practices”, organized by the Secretariat for Central American Tourism Integration (SITCA), through the Central American Tourism Council (CCT), an organization of which the Dominican Republic holds the pro tempore presidency, exercised by the Ministry of Tourism.

At the meeting, whose objective was to discuss the strengthening of local tourism as a tool against poverty, Santos Badía highlighted that 1,361 people have been sensitized and trained in programs relevant to sustainable tourism.

Through this project, implemented with the support of the Japan International Cooperation Agency, the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development, permanent advice and accompaniment has also been provided to these people, changing the lives of more than 1,800 families.

“The way to consciously influence what the tourist is looking for requires organization, training and formation so that the communities actively participate as the providers of facilities and hospitality, promoting for our zones, regions, localities and towns a great impact of economic and social benefit,” Santos Badía assured.

He took advantage of the occasion to announce the continuation of the advances in the Sustainable Community Tourism project, as well as a relevant training offer, channeled through its Cibao Norte and Cibao Sur Regional Directorates.

Among the new training courses are: Community Based Tourism Manager, Sustainable Tourism Product Manager, Banana Fiber Handicrafts, Tourist Guidance Techniques, Design and Programming of Tourist Routes, Design and Construction of Interpretative Trails and Customer Service.

In addition to these training activities, entrepreneurship will be offered to artisans so that they can promote their products and thus boost the sector.

Project for the Strengthening of the Community-Based Sustainable Tourism Development Mechanism
The Sustainable Community-Based Tourism (SCT) project has covered the 14 provinces of the northern region of the Dominican Republic, together with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development.

We have already created 14 community destinations, 41 new products and seven thematic routes, guided by trained leaders, which means that today we have 52 community groups empowered and committed to the municipalities where they have an impact.

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