Infotep to deliver tourism training center in Barahona

After the suspension of the refurbishment works started in the facilities of the Guarocuya hotel in Barahona, through an official letter addressed to the Corporation for the Promotion of the Hotel Industry and Tourism Development (Corphotels), the general director of the National Institute of Technical and Professional Training (Infotep), Rafael Santos Badía, promised to deliver the remodeled and fully equipped premises, which will function as a school for tourism training.

During a meeting with social organizations, neighborhood councils, businessmen and traders of the province, he said that in November or no later than December 15 of this year 2024, the entity he heads would be delivering the completely refurbished hotel.

In this sense, the head of Infotep described as “urban legend” that this entity would leave Barahona, emphasizing that once the hotel-school is in operation, it will have the capacity to train 2,000 technicians in the area of the smokeless industry.

He said that, in case he does not continue as head of Infotep for the next government period, the delivery of the hotel is guaranteed because “everything is almost paid, signed and contracted”.

Santos Badía said that the installation of the school in the Guarocuya Hotel will give a boost to the Barahona province to improve the quality of life of its citizens, according to Listín Diario.

“Wherever Infotep is installed, companies arrive, jobs are generated, businesses are started and development is perceived in months, together with the initiatives that the government carries out in the whole region”, he expressed.

He specified that from the school installed in the Guarocuya Hotel, Infotep is going to strengthen the dual formation in the region with special attention in the tourism sector, with a view to make the productivity of the companies more efficient, through punctual training, technical assistance, training and advice to entrepreneurs.

“In this training center we will have at the disposal of the people the occupational validation and certification by labor competencies, and services of labor intermediation in order to respond to the demand of employees of the companies of Barahona and all the Enriquillo Region”, he pointed out.

The training center will provide training in cooking, pastry making, bar, restaurant, room services, lodging, hotel receptionist training, massage and spa.

In addition, hotel animation, tour guides and ecotourism, pool maintenance, hotel building maintenance, and languages: English, French, German, Mandarin and Russian.

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