International school competition with Galician ‘referee’: from the science of “El Hormiguero” to Minecraft or Eurovisión

The Colegio Internacional Eirís de A Coruña and the Colegio Internacional de Levante, in Chiva (Valencia), are in charge of organizing this week the annual meeting of the international institution SEK, which will bring together more than a thousand students and teachers from 15 countries.

The InterSEK is a cultural or sports competition which takes place every year in one of the 23 member schools of the SEK International Institution, which celebrates its 129th anniversary and which traditionally gathers a representation of students from all over the world in a host venue, but the pandemic has forced to organize this meeting, for the first time in its history, using new technologies.

Hundreds of students of different nationalities and cultures will meet during this week virtually to live a unique transoceanic experience based on coexistence, cultural diversity and internationality, as reported by one of the hosts, the Eirís School of A Coruña.

From May 3 to 7, schoolchildren between the ages of 10 and 16 from Spain, Paraguay, Mexico, the United States, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Italy and South Africa will have to compete in twelve tests that can be followed live through the schoolchildren’s Facebook channels.

The virtual experiment has had to be limited to one thousand students, since in the 23 centers study more than 10,000 students, in order to make the telematic experience viable, as explained to Efe a spokesman for the school in A Coruña, Óscar Manuel Carro.

One of the highlights will be to see the competition of young people in a debate on whether to prioritize health or the economy in a situation of global pandemic, a topic with which the Eirís School has become a finalist and with which it will have to compete next Wednesday against students from Paraguay, in a debate that will be broadcast live on Facebook Live after drawing the position that each school will have to defend.

The event kicked off this Monday at 10:00 a.m., at which time an intense schedule of activities will begin, including an “escape room” contest, where students will have to solve an enigma based on clues that they will discover as they go along.

Science, based on the popular television program “El Hormiguero” on Antena 3, will be the focus of another test in the form of a three-minute video of their experiment, with which they will have to convince a jury and a popular vote.

The students will also have to demonstrate their photography skills and their ability to create an optical illusion using a monument from their city and will compete in an online chess tournament.

One of the most popular competitions organized during these days is the SekVision, based on the well-known Eurovision format, in which students will have to present a video clip and compete with a song, which will be resolved with the votes of the jury of each country and will be offered live next Thursday from each school center communicating the different scores awarded to the best songs.

Video games also have a place in the event as students from each center will have to build a city project, based on a previous challenge proposed by teachers using the popular game Minecraft.

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