INTRANT grants operating license to Los Girasoles Corridor

As part of the process of transformation of the public passenger transportation system, the National Institute of Transit and Land Transportation (INTRANT) delivered this Thursday the operating license to the Corredor Los Girasoles, in the National District.

The delivery was made by the executive director of INTRANT, Hugo Beras, and is framed in compliance with Law 63-17, of Mobility, Land Transportation, Transit and Road Safety, and the conversion into formal companies prescribed by said law.

With the delivery of the operating license to Corredor Girasoles, there are now 6 operating licenses granted to different transportation routes at the national level and which will form part of the Integrated Transportation System, announced by President Luis Abinader.

In this regard, Hugo Beras highlighted the interest of the Government of President Luis Abinader, and the importance he has given to the sector. “As never before in history, the president has put a lot of effort into the transportation issue, in the interest of transforming and modernizing, but with all the actors without anyone losing their right.”

The INTRANT director also announced that other corridor licenses for the National District and Santiago are coming.

Meanwhile, Nicolás Valdez and Pablo Alvarado, of the Corredor 54-Duarte Avenue and Girasoles-Kilómetro 9 routes, thanked INTRANT for the delivery of the operating licenses for the aforementioned corridor and recognized the responsibility they now have to provide a safer and quality service for the citizens who use this service.

For the delivery of the Girasoles Corridor license, the procedures established for the formal operation of the public passenger transport service were exhausted, with the technical accompaniment of INTRANT.

The Girasoles Corridor will operate the routes whose origin and destination is the Girasoles-Duarte Avenue and Girasoles-Kilometer 9 of the Duarte Highway.


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