ITLA recognizes Hipólito Mejía for his contributions to academia

The Technological Institute of the Americas (ITLA) presented this Wednesday a recognition to the former president of the Republic, Hipólito Mejía, for the impulse given to the development of the academy during his administration.

The ceremony was led by the rector of ITLA, Omar Méndez Lluberes, who in his opening remarks highlighted the vision and support given by the former president so that the Dominican Republic could insert itself in the world of technology.

“Today we recognize Engineer Hipólito Mejía for his invaluable contributions in the construction and development of ITLA as a high quality technological training institution, for the benefit of young Dominicans, their families and the country,” he said.
The ITLA rector said that the academic center will soon be a reference for the world, since new industrial equipment (UPS and technological tools) is currently being acquired and, 18 years later, is being replaced with investments valued at more than 10 million pesos.

Former President Mejía expressed his gratitude for the recognition.
Former President Mejía expressed his gratitude for the recognition. ( EXTERNAL SOURCE )

“All that we are doing in the ITLA today, we have to recognize that 75% of it is due to the impulse, the determined development and the support given by former President Hipólito Mejía during his mandate”, he emphasized, according to a press release.

After receiving the award, former President Mejia expressed his gratitude and praised the fact that he had studied at the Loyola Polytechnic and traveled to several countries, which he said made him understand the importance of human resources to the development of each nation.

“This institution has played an important stellar role and has a challenge because the country develops its human resources,” he said.

He was accompanied by his wife Rosa de Mejia, his sister Ysabel Mejia and her husband Sergio Grullon and his son Sergio Grullon, who was the first rector of ITLA.

Also present were Eddy Martínez Manzueta, president of the Parque Cibernético de Santo Domingo; Ángela Bao, director of Public Relations of Huawei Dominicana; as well as current government officials, media executives, political leaders and ITLA academic and administrative staff, among others.

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