José Bono, close to receiving an honorary degree from the Dominican Republic with privileges included

José Bono’s journey with the Dominican Republic continues. After obtaining the Spanish nationality last October, it has been reported that the former president of the Congress of Deputies could become the Honorary Consul of the Caribbean country in Albacete.

According to El Cierre Digital, the former minister of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero could be appointed very soon with this honorary title. Juan Luis Galiacho assures that he will have his own office in the city and will also have diplomatic privileges, according to the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. Among them, having freedom of transit and benefiting from the diplomatic pouch.

In October 2020 it transcended that José Bono had obtained the nationality in Dominican Republic, maintaining the Spanish one thanks to the double nationality. “With the Dominican Republic, Spain has an agreement in force on dual nationality and there are thousands of citizens who have both (…) Logically it does not imply a reduction of my Spanish status in any field and it has an honorary and sentimental character”, explained then the former politician.

Ok Diario revealed in March that the former Minister of Defense constituted four offshore companies between September and October 2020. It should be noted that the Dominican Republic is not considered a tax haven. However, they apply a more relaxed policy for international financial operations.

Ana Rodriguez’s ex-husband turned 70 years old last December 14. He enjoys this round figure away from politics and with a quiet life focused on administrative law, his great vocation. Since 2013, he has been a member of the advisory board of the law firm Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo.

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