Leonel Fernández Declared 2010 “Year Of National Economic Revival”

Leonel Fernandez Dominican Republic V03In a decree

BREAKING NEWS: President Leonel Fernández declared on Thursday the year 2010 as the Year of the National Economic Revival trough decree 933-09.

The decree issued by the Executive Power, argues that the scale of the challenges facing the Dominican economy requires participation from all sectors of the country.

Faced with the challenge of relaunching the economy towards a path of sustained high growth government action is essential to motivate the rest of economic sectors to actively participate in the revitalization process, explains one of the recitals of the decree.

It also stresses that the global financial and economic crisis has caused a deterioration in the global economy, adversely impacting the flow of trade and investment worldwide during 2009.

Also, the presidential decree states that the effects of that crisis have been expressed in an economic contraction in all regions of the world and that it has affected the private sector spending, tax revenues and the level of general welfare of the population.

Considering that there are still conditions in the international environment that demands greater activism of the actions and decisions of the public sector to mitigate the decline in the growth of private activities and ensure a recovery in the level of economic growth, says the decree 933 -09.

He explains that despite the international implications of the crisis, the Dominican Republic managed to maintain stability and reduce the impact on growth and employment, although this was sufficient to meet the needs of rulers and ruled in terms of economic performance country.

Decree 933-09, says that there are still conditions in the international environment that demands greater activism of the actions and decisions of the public sector to mitigate the decline in the growth of private activities and ensure a recovery in the level of economic growth.

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Tourist arrivals almost stationary in 2009

Tourism Dominican Republic V03Tourism Statistics for last year

BREAKING NEWS: The flow of tourists to the destination of the Dominican Republic has experienced an improvement at the end of 2009 according to data from the Department of National Accounts and Economic Statistics of Central Bank, that collected the arrival of a total of 3 584 000 tourists in January-November period.

According to official numbers, tourist arrivals by the various international airports fell by only 0.57% in the first eleven months of the year that just finished. The behavior was favorable with respect to that in the first eleven months of 2008 over the same period in 2007, when it was 0.72% (25.663 tourists less), because despite the global crisis it remained practically unchanged.

In January-November 2008 the country received 3 604.006 tourists, while in the same period of 2009n country reached 3 584.006 visitors(Dominicans and foreigners) for a decrease of 0.57% (20.638 visitors).

In general, the country joined 3 966.978 passengers in the referred period for a fall of only 0.55% over January-November 2008. Of these, more than 10.472 non-resident aliens (tourists) came in November, compared to the same month of 2008, showing an increase of 4.49%. The arrival of Dominicans non-residents also increased, registering a 16.67% variation.

In January-November 2009 entered about the same amount of passengers during the past four years. In January-November 2006 reached 958.328 passengers 3 million residents and foreigners, while at the same date in 2007 reached 3 989.326 in the same period in 2008 was the arrival of 3 988.789.

The income of non-resident visitors to the country during November 2009 grew by 0.09%, which represented an absolute increase of 16,500 visitors in the same month last year, the report said.

Punta Cana continues to be the terminal which has recorded more non-resident aliens arrivals, as the 55.83% of tourists visiting the country arrived in the terminal, which is equivalent to 1 million 723, 819 foreigners, while at the airport of the Americas was the 20.74% of tourists, followed by Puerto Plata with a turnout of 14.25%, La Romana with a 3.90%, Cibao with a 3.60% and La Isabela and El Catey, in Samaná, with a 1.68%.

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2010 will be a year of recovery for the tourism sector

Beach Dominican Republic V01According to the Association of Hotels and Restaurants

BREAKING NEWS: The executive vice president of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants (Asonahores), Arturo Villanueva, has predicted that 2010 will be a year of recovery for the tourism sector in the Dominican Republic, taking into consideration the expectations of U.S. economic recovery, leading emitter of Dominican tourism.

We are positive, we believe that the tourism sector has the capacity to be the key sector of the Dominican economy, and we expect a full recovery of the economy for 2010, highlighted M.Villanueva.

Regarding Central Bank numbers which indicate that foreign tourist arrivals to the Dominican Republic in 2009, was similar to the results of 2008, the tourism entrepreneur has interpreted these results as a result of the efforts of the private sector and the Ministry of Tourism.

Villanueva has also recognized the efforts of the Government, through the Technical Secretariat of the Presidency in the continuity of the results .
As we stated at the end of the year we will respond effectively to these efforts, in order to achieve an increase in motor activity of the Dominican economy, which is tourism.

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Dominican Republic closed 2009 with major investments

Investment Dominican Republic V04Despite the global crisis

BREAKING NEWS: Dominican Republic ended 2009 with foreign investment exceeding U.S. $ 2,150 million. According to the Center for Exports and Investments of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD), this positive balance is sustained mainly by the contribution of mining Pueblo Viejo Dominicana Corporation (PVDC), which has become the largest foreign investment of any economic history of the country.

Vicente Bengoa, Minister of State for Finance, acknowledged that 2009 was a difficult year, but could have been worse if it had not received significant foreign investments have had a positive impact on employment and social investment. While in Central America investment flows fell by 43.1% and the deficit, compared to the same period in 2008, was 146.1 million dollars, Dominican Republic achieved positive figures.

Legal certainty and macroeconomic stability were key to our country remains attractive to foreign investment amid a global economic crisis, especially in sectors like mining that require large initial outlays, long before they start producing the first ounce, said the Secretary of State and director of the Center for Exports and Investments, CEI-RD, Eddy Martinez.

The investmentl of PVDC, which skirted the $ 800 million in 2009, will reach a total of nearly 2,700 million dollars, which is unprecedented in the country, said Martinez.

It is expected that when the mine goes into production in the last quarter of 2011, the country can be placed around one million ounces of gold per year global market, along with silver and copper. This would mean that exports of the country will have an increase that could exceed the 20% – which at current prices would be in the order of 1,200 million dollars a year – allowing, in turn, increase GDP by between 1% and 2 %.

Many economies in the region were not so lucky as the Dominican Republic. According to the CEI-RD, Guatemala foreign investment fell by 7.2%. In El Salvador, there is a shortfall exceeding $ 30 million over 2008. In Nicaragua, due to political instability in the country, were also canceled multiple investments, the latest being about 10 million.

Dominican Republic, along with Panama and Costa Rica, got rid of the red ink. But most important of the new investment is the social impact they will have on the country, Bengoa said. In the specific case of PVDC, it will generate over 4,000 jobs during the construction phase and invested $ 375 million to restore the environment.
It is not only to attract investment but to promote long term sustainable projects, he said.

Currently, along with construction of the mine of Pueblo Viejo in (Cotuí), Sanchez Ramirez, PVDC, also conducts an investment management and environmental restoration, according Albavera Fernando Sanchez, executive director of Pueblo Viejo Dominicana Corporation, it is one of the largest in favor of the environment which is carried out in Latin America right now. The remediation work already underway and that » it is possible to build a new plant without first having carried out much of the agreed remediation, said Sanchez Albavera.

The Minister Martinez estimated that in 2010 foreign investment will continue to grow in the Dominican Republic. Thanks to the stability and sound economic management, the environment is becoming more favorable for investment. We’re weathering the crisis, is now consolidating as the region’s economic leader, said CEI-RD director.

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International Tourism Fair in Spain

Fitur Madrid Spain V02Dominican tourism industry representatives attending the event

BREAKING NEWS: The National Association of Hotels and Restaurants and other sectors related to tourism are prepared to participate in the International Tourism Fair (FITUR) in Spain, from January the 20th to January 24th.

On the occasion, the biggest Spanish and other countries tour operators each year participate in this activity.

For this version of the FITUR, a Dominican delegation composed by the president of Asonahores, Haydee Ranieri, the Tourism minister, Francisco Javier García and other hoteliers and tour operators, will be representing the country in this international tourist event.

With more than 13,000 exhibitors from 170 countries / regions, FITUR is one of the fairs that has the largest representation of supply, which enables the more than 192,800 participating professionals establish better and more useful network of business and institutional contacts.

Fitur enables exhibitors and visitors to define new strategies to promote their destinations and products, conducting various marketing actions to reach the entire distribution channel.

The importance of Fitur is supported also by the media interest aroused worldwide. More than 8,000 journalists gathered in its latest edition, ensuring a fair media coverage, in both sectoral and economic means.

FITUR 2010 is one of the most comprehensive sales tools that exist, since all actions may be combined sales and marketing best existing cost-effectiveness to arrive as quickly and directly to their customers.

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Agreement to boost tourism competitiveness of Dominican Republic

Tourism Dominican Republic V04Competing with Equity

BREAKING NEWS: Under the auspice of the World Bank (WB), through its Poverty and Gender Unit for Latin America, a collaboration agreement has been signed between the National Competitiveness Council (CNC) and the Dominican Tourism Competitiveness Consortium (CDCT) in order to promote the development and implementation of gender equity model for the country’s tourism competitiveness.

This initiative seeks to develop the certification model of Dominican businesses in gender equity for competitiveness, Competing with Equity program, which will be developed this year.

The application of this model will allow in the first instance, to see any gender gaps within companies which are not often perceived as inequalities. In a second, it will enable the implementation of fair measures to correct existing inequalities and promote a satisfactory work environment and motivation among staff.

The CDCT is an entity that brings together the tourism clusters operating in the Dominican Republic and other related institutions, to promote sustainable competitiveness and fairness in the tourism sector in the country. The cluster has become the lead agency for local development in their regions, making public and private actors to achieve consensus on common agendas and lead to concrete results.

The Dominican Tourism Competitiveness Consortium is sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through the Dominican Alliance for Sustainable Tourism (DSTA).

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Tourists look on the Internet to choose their hotels

Logo Dominican Republic Live V03Websites influence the decision of visitors hosting

BREAKING NEWS: The online world views can affect the decision of users hosting of any country because the traveller uses the valuations of other Internet users to select a product, service or business, this is why the hoteliers are trying to take care its image in the network.

After the birth of the Internet and platforms based on customer participation, known as web 2.0, social networks have given more power to the customer to provide their comments reach the ears of potential travellers who want to vacation in tourist areas.

For hoteliers the Internet has become a partner that enables them to swiftly and productively general views of its guests. Also, this system is evolving and will improve under the new needs arising in their own hotel, incorporating the latest technological advances, new deals, remodelling and service their hotels.

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Earthquake affects Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Earthquake Haiti V01Human and material damage in Haiti

BREAKING NEWS: Strong tremors were felt shortly before 06.00 pm on Tuesday January the 12th 2010, in different areas of the Dominican Republic, as in Pedernales, Santiago, Azua, Barahona, Montecristi, Elías Piña and Independence province.

The tremors were produced by an intense earthquake with intensity of 7.0 on the Richter scale was felt at 5:54 Tuesday in south-western Haiti, with its epicenter in the Gulf of Gonaive. The earthquake was felt for 30 seconds.

Preventive measures

As a preventive measure, the Office for the Reorganization of Transport (Opret) suspended until this morning the operation of the Metro de Santo Domingo on the recommendation of the relief agencies. The closure came about seven o’clock in the evening.

In addition, the Tsunami Warning Center U.S. in Hawaii issued a tsunami warning for Haiti, Cuba, Bahamas and the Dominican Republic and the Emergency Operations Center (COE) issued a red alert for a possible preventive occurrence of tsunami to the coastal provinces.

After two hours of the earthquake, since there were no destructive waves was discontinued tsunami alert.

Damage from the earthquake

The earthquake of 7 on the Richter scale, and over 20 minor aftershocks, left Haiti in the capital of a state of catastrophe and in several areas of the country disaster and total chaos.

According to the station, the National Palace, the seat of Parliament and the Cathedral were pulled down. The earthquake also caused serious damage to the headquarters of the ministries of Finance, Work, Communication and Culture, the Palace of Justice and the Ecole Normale Superieure.

Among the buildings that collapsed is the housing the headquarters of the United Nations Organization.

Authorities did not on the number of dead or wounded, but warned that damage the quake, one of the heaviest recorded in America since 2000, are huge.

Tuesday’s quake caused no damage or human casualties caused in the Dominican Republic, according to the assessment made by the Government and relief agencies.

International aid for Haiti

The international community has begun to mobilize to provide humanitarian assistance to Haiti.

The first to speak has been the U.S. president, Barack Obama, who has announced that his country is ready to provide the necessary support in everything I can to Haiti. The UN general secretary, Ban Ki-moon has also expressed concern about the situation in the island after the quake.

Brazil, which leads the Nations Peacekeeping Force in Haiti, has expressed its intention to assist those affected.

The Dominican government for its part sent Tuesday night a plane home from the Dominican Air Force up to 20 people and dogs trained to search for people trapped under rubble in Haiti.

Two earthquakes shook in Haiti, early Wednesday causing more panic in the stricken Haitian people. The first at 1:24 had an intensity of 4.6 degrees on the Richter scale. The second at 2:23 was 5.0.

The aftershocks continue today with some frequency and may still occur for a few more days.

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Dominican Republic sends first humanitarian assistance that arrives in Haiti

Help Haiti V01President Leonel Fernández will fly over Haiti on Thursday

BREAKING NEWS: President Leonel Fernández will travel Thursday to the border town of Jimani, where was installed the Emergency Operations Center, and from there will fly over the devastated areas in Haitian territory and observe the situation personally.

The route of the president is scheduled to start around 9 am. Meanwhile,Dominican Republic humanitarian aid arrived in the Haiti about 3. 30 pm, becoming the first foreigner country who comes to help the neighboring nation.

The convoy, consisting of 12 trucks is the first international humanitarian aid arrives in Haiti to be distributed among those affected by the telluric phenomenon which devastated the capital Port au Prince.

The Chief Information Officer, Press and Publicity of the Presidency, Rafael Nunez, who travelled to the disaster area, said the new commander of the United Nations Stabilization Mission In Haiti (MINUSTAH), General Ricardo Del Toro security granted to the Dominican mission that would be located a place near the Presidential Palace in Haiti to carry out operations.

The Chilean general, who has been particularly affected by this tragedy because his family was staying at the Hotel Montana collapsed, thanked the efforts of the government of President Leonel Fernández.

Similarly U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton thanked the support ordered by the Dominican president and the same way the president appreciated the gesture Interamerican Development Bank, Luis Alberto Moreno.

The Dominican authorities coordinated this Wednesday with the International Red Cross and the Dominican Red Cross delivering the provision of aid sent by President Leonel Fernández to neighboring Haiti, battered by an earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale. The information was released by the secretary of state and director of the Office of Information, Press and Publicity of the Presidency, Rafael Nunez, interviewed by reporters in the coastal border of Jimani.

He said that other institutions collaborating closely on the earthquake that hit Haiti are the Ministry of Public Works and Communications, the Ministry of Public Health, the National Institute of Water Supply and Sewerage (INAPA), the Corporation of Aqueducts and Sewer Santo Domingo (CAASD), the Social Plan of the Presidency and the Armed Forces. The government official called on international community to also come to the aid to the situation faced by Haitians. The Dominican Republic is the first nation to reach Haitian territory with humanitarian aid.

M. Nuñez said collaboration is also being paid in the relocation of some people who were injured as a result of the quake and helicopters brought to hospitals in the Dominican Republic.

Nuñez said he and the official committee appointed by the executive branch, over the Haitian capital, and can check the magnitude of the tragedy.

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Help for Haiti

Dominico European Association Haiti V01Call for donations

BREAKING NEWS: The Dominican-French Chamber of Commerce (Mrs. Tatiana LAUTURE) and the French School in Santo Domingo (Mr JR Saati) are coordinating the logistics that will store and transport donations to Puerto Principe coming from all sides.

JR Saati, Haitian, trustee of the French school and trader in the Dominican Republic is in charge of coordinating the logistics.

We think it would be ideal to link the different initiatives created in Las Terrenas. A meeting took place on Wednesday January the 13th. Different personalities French Dominican and Haitian, representatives of social and economic life of Las Terrenas attended this meeting. Their ideas, their contacts in the country and in Haiti for some, helped to develop a logistics that will enable optimizing the generosity of everyone.

Unity is strength is the national motto of Haiti. Let us unite to help.

Call for volunteers for sorting centers in Santo Domingo:

Warehouses have been made available in Santo Domingo to receive all donations. However, dozens of trucks have already arrived and the emergency is primarily to find volunteers to help sort the goods arriving at the stores. To all people interested in volunteering, please write an email to to coordinate volunteers heading from Las Terrenas, to stores in Santo Domingo, and according to the needs expressed by Lord Saati.

Priority Goods:

For now, avoid the sacks of rice and pasta. Indeed, the Haitians don’t have for the moment the possibility of cooking food. Additionally, these foods can be damaged during storage. The priority is to get edible food right away (canned food, sardines, corn, beans etc…) and in individual portions.

  • Water, juice cartons
  • Baby Food (powdered milk, liquid milk Similac dose, diapers, etc…).
    It is also important to know that donations of food and are very numerous, domestic support is mobilized to send planes full of edible goods to distribute.

Care centers in Haiti in urgent need and in great numbers:

  • Gauze, cotton, serum, medicine, all medical equipment, alcohol;
  • Sheets and Blankets.

Where to leave your donations:

You can leave your donations in the old office on the Paseo AERODOMCA, BAHIA TOURS, in the Latin Quarter, in the CHANEL BOUTIQUE TOUR as well as LE BAR BISTR’EAU.

The transportation of your donations:

We will need trucks. Every truck owner is welcome to make it available with his driver. They are organized from Las Terrenas.

Alexandre Ahouisse coordinates transportation in cooperation with the Lord Saati.
Only gasoline will have to fund.

Money Donations

All money donations must be deposited each morning from 10.00 am to 01.00 pm in the Dominican European humanitarian Association Library next to the Ferretería Bamboo, on the first floor (Across from the doctor POLANCO).
Contact: President MONIQUE: 1 829 725 52 31
All donations will benefit from a larger budget for the purchase of medical supplies, medication, etc.… in collaboration with the pharmacy of the Paseo, finance transportation (gasoline and truck rentals, transportation of volunteers to Santo Domingo etc…).
You can make a donation directly deposited into the account of the association.

ORDER: Asociación humanitaria dominico europea
Number: 723943205
Thank you all.

For your information:

The promenade pharmacy offers to buy drugs at cost price.
Lindo Supermarket offers individual sleeves composite cost for a liter of water, a liter of juice, canned food, and baby small pot, a packet of biscuits, powdered milk, candles, and matches. The covers cost 100 or 205 pesos.
CHANNEL 10 launched a fund-raising telethon. Do not hesitate to express yourselves, or suggest things if they have ideas.

For any further information or suggestion:

Dominique: 240 56 56

Lisette is also coordinating aid coming from the Dominican shops and all good wishes.
For transportation: KENZO: 809 935 02 11
To volunteer for the classification of goods in Santo Domingo:
For money donations monique.michault @ hotmail.com 1 829 725 52 31 (Dominican European humanitarian Association).

The network of websites Dominican Republic Live is available to any legal body, Dominican or foreign, to disseminate information and appeals for donations.

See our special page of help and donations for Haiti

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Urgency Architects Foundation will issue an initial diagnosis of the situation in Haiti

Earthquake Haiti V03Patrick Coulombel flew over some areas affected by the earthquake in the neighboring nation

BREAKING NEWS: Since 2001, the Foundation of the Urgency Architects (Fondation des Architectes de l’Urgence in French), consisting of architects, engineers and planners, use their professional values with the goal of providing appropriate assistance and durable solutions to all victims of natural, technological or human, without distinction of nationality, gender or religion.

The President of the Foundation of the Urgency Architects, Patrick Coulombel, just flew over some disaster areas in Haiti. Found that whole barracks collapsed, as in Petionville, taking the homes below. Thousands of constructions are crushed into the ground. They fear for many victims in this area.

Coulombel and Serge Gunot Patrick, who is also an architect of urgency, they could proceed with the commissioning of security the French Embassy. The embassy is very upset but recoverable says the two specialists. However, the ambassador’s residence is destroyed and permanently unusable.

Urgency Architects is currently seeking to establish a diagnosis in French school and other administrative buildings, as well as in the town of Carrefour, an area next to Puerto Principe which was also badly affected.

Patrick Coulombel confirms that people are clustered in the building spaces for fear of aftershocks would trigger new landslides.
Without tents, they make shift shelters with plastic recovered.

In Port au Prince, we need everything to enormous proportions, emphasizes, especially water, and at the same time the routing of urgency assistance is very small, very difficult. Port au Prince Airport is completely saturated. However, the road between Santo Domingo and Port au Prince is deserted.

In a country where there is extreme poverty, the urgency phase will be long and difficult.

We call upon your generosity to urgency aid of 300,000 Euros for immediate relief to the thousands of victims.

We need you to help them
You can make a donation to the foundation to help the populations affected, either online http://www.archi-urgent.com or sending a check to our postal address:

Tour Maine Montparnasse
47e étage,
33, Avenue du Maine, BP154,
75755 Paris Cedex 15

Dominican Republic Live, 18.01.10

Several nations are grateful towards the Dominican Republic for their support to Haiti

Leonel Fernandez Barack Obama V02United States, European Union, René Préval and Canada

BREAKING NEWS: The United States president, Barack Obama thanked his Dominican counterpart, Leonel Fernández, for his assistance in Haiti when evacuating Americans and facilitating the delivery of supplies to that country, reported Monday the White House.

Obama expressed his gratitude in a telephone conversation held on Thursday at around 2100 local time (1.00 GMT Friday), which also reported the Dominican Government in a statement.

Obama thanked the role that the Dominican Republic has played in facilitating the evacuation of U.S. citizens, the White House said in a press release.

He also thanked him for promoting the flow of relief equipment and supplies to Haiti through the Dominican Republic.

According to the statement of the Dominican Government, Fernández and Obama agreed on the need to implement a recovery plan in the Caribbean country in the medium and long term.

Fernández in Dominican Republic has offered to act as a bridge to channel aid to Haiti, given the operational problems that face the harbor and the airport in Port au Prince for damage caused by the quake.

Similarly, the European Union (EU) on Monday expressed its appreciation to the Dominican Republic for its assistance to its neighbor Haiti to address the humanitarian catastrophe suffering following the earthquake last week, and assured him of their willingness to pay help. The Council (of EU ministers) commended the Dominican Republic for the role it is playing in this crisis. The EU stands ready to provide assistance to the Dominican Republic, the text of conclusions that European leaders approve Development Monday convened an informal meeting to coordinate emergency assistance to Haiti.

The EU response should take into account the broader efforts of the international community for Haiti, says the text.

Haitian President René Préval praised the overwhelming support shown by the Dominican Republic to the great tragedy that has befallen their country after the earthquake last Tuesday January the 12th and thanked President Fernandez, the government and the Dominican people have poured into relief Haiti.

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs for the Americas from Canada, Peter Kent, thanked the Dominican Republic to facilitate aid under Canadian citizens affected by the earthquake on Tuesday in Haiti were transferred to the national hospitals for medical care and to protect other prior to being taken back to their country.

Dominican Republic Live, 19.01.10

Organization of American States General Assembly will be held in Dominican Republic

Logo Organization American States V01To coordinate assistance to Haiti

BREAKING NEWS: The Foreign Minister Carlos Morales Troncoso reported today that was provided for the celebration in the country of an Extraordinary General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) as part of the next steps for the articulation of effective coordination and organization of relief efforts in Haiti.

The Chancellor explained that after the summit for a better future for Haiti, held yesterday at the National Palace with the aim of defining programs to assist the neighboring country in the short, medium and long term, there was a meeting with General Secretary of the OAS Jose Miguel Insulza on the implementation of the hemispheric meeting.

In detailing the steps after the Summit in order to concretize the abundance of goodwill and lots of international efforts to aid Haiti proposals as well as towards the reconstruction of the devastated nation, Morales said that the OAS General Assembly will follow the meeting to be held in Montreal on January the 25th.

Although no date has been set, the OAS member countries defined during the meeting to be held next week in Montreal, Canada, the Dominican Republic holding a special General Assembly, to concretize the assistance will be permanently to neighboring Haiti, said Morales.

He highlighted that yesterday’s summit, organized by the initiative of President Leonel Fernández and was attended by Haitian President Rene Preval, the vice president of Spain and President of the European Union, Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, and a wide representation international, including UN, World Bank, IADB, International Red Cross, and heads of government of CARICOM, among others, was the beginning of the organization of assistance provided by the international community for Haiti, devastated by the earthquake of Tuesday, setting the priorities that the country requires.

We’ve all agreed that this should begin without delay the reconstruction efforts in Haiti, but first we are organizing for the humanitarian, relief and rescue to be as effective as possible, always in coordination with the Haitian government he said.

The Chancellor announced that before travelling to Montreal he will visit Port au Prince to observe the progress of the work done by both the Dominican Embassy and consulates in Colombia in support of standardization activities.

Our country has become the center of international aid arriving in Haiti, so that the Dominican Government has also sought to cooperate with the speedy recovery of normal in the neighboring country, contributing troops, as have other nations different parts of the world, he said.

He said that even if following the disaster last Tuesday the government assistance to Haiti Dominican people has increased as the magnitude of the tragedy, the cooperation was already ongoing in many ways, especially since 2004.

Dominican Republic Live, 20.01.10

Ban ki-Moon said the Dominican government has been generous to Haiti

Ban Ki Moon V01Thanks the assistance given to the neighboring country

BREAKING NEWS: The secretary general of the Organization of the United Nations (UN), Ban Ki-moon praised the government of the Dominican Republic Leonel Fernández presiding, for the assistance that has been providing to Haiti since the earthquake last week.

Since the beginning of this crisis the government of the Dominican Republic has been giving assistance generously and quickly to its neighbor, Haiti, and we are grateful, said Ban Ki-Moon told reporters.

He highlighted that the fuel is very limited in Haiti, but said that on Monday came from the Dominican Republic nearly 40,000 gallons of gasoline that will be of great assistance to humanitarian operations.

Dominican Republic has played a decisive role in delivering aid in Haiti.

Its president Leonel Fernández was the first president who arrived in Port-au-Prince to confirm the reality of the tragedy that was to mourning and grief in Haiti.

Dominican Republic Live, 21.01.10

European Union Commissioner meets with Leonel Fernández

Karel Gucht Leonel Fernandez V01Dominican Republic will have an important role in the reconstruction of Haiti

BREAKING NEWS: President Leonel Fernández received at the National Palace to the European Union commissioner responsible for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid, Karel De Gucht, who estimated that the Dominican Republic will play a leading role throughout the process reconstruction of Haiti.

De Gucht said he spoke to the Dominican ruling on what should be done in Haiti in the short and long term, and thinks it’s imperative that the Haitian State begins to restructure, because the way it works is not prudent.

First I would like to trank the help and solidarity that have offered to the neighboring country. Clearly, two neighbors who occupy the same island must help each other. I think your country has and will have a significant role throughout the process from now, said the chief executive of the European Union Development Cooperation.

The commissioner then met with the press at the Salon Orlando Martinez of the National Palace and was accompanied by Secretary of the Presidency, Cesar Piña, and the Order of European Funds, Domingo Jimenez.

De Gucht noted that in his view, the rescue operations have been very well taken, citing medical problems and in terms of responses are working, so he said that everything is under control.

The European Union representative informed that now one of the biggest problems is providing shelter for some 250 thousand people who are on the streets. He said he spoke with the president and prime minister of Haiti, Rene Preval, Jean-Max Bellerive, and promised to build a camp to locate these people before the rains begin.

We have presented a plan to restructure not only physically but also in terms of organization of government experts and all the training and institutional development and we present this idea, this plan in Montréal where there will be a conference, said.

Similarly he announced that Leonel Fernández agrees with this approach and that is essential to build and strengthen the physical part of the structure of the Haitian government, but also the ability of that nation to make decisions.

He said that the European Union for the Reconstruction of Haiti is making an outlay of 300 million euros for humanitarian aid and strengthening the capacity of the Haitian government, which is available 100 million for reconstruction and there will be about 200 million.

We are here to confirm that the European Commission and the European Union are ready for this long-term commitment, he said.

The executive European Commission announced that the Member States of the European Union committed 92 million euros for the first phase of humanitarian intervention. He highlighted that 27 countries and the European Commission will participate in the conference to be held in Montreal in March and April next year to seek more funds.

Dominican Republic Live, 25.01.10

Pan American Health Organization highlights the assistance efforts of Dominicans

Panamerican Health Organization V01To help Haitian people

BREAKING NEWS: The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), called extraordinary the assistance which has offered the Dominican Republic to Haitian people, not only in terms of medical care, but in every way.

The representative of the regional body, Mirta Roses, by providing information also said that this body will replenish the stores of medicines and disposables that the country devoted entirely to the Haitians.

She added that the best help is next door. Here that was what true in every way possible, from delivering food, water, communication, medical help, even beyond the border.
In weighing the actions taken by the Dominican Republic, the representative of PAHO said that the country had sent everything in their stores, blood and drugs so now you have to replace it.

The problems change, moving from one stage to another and the besides great attention to the injured, they are other requirements such as pregnant women, hypertensives, diabetics, children, chronically ill, those who require rehabilitation and dialysis she said.

She said one of the major challenges is to start preparing rehabilitation services to provide assistance to the thousands of patients who received amputations in many cases not only a member but of many members.

Those affected include thousands of amputees, and half of them multiple amputees, the number of amputees who left the tragedy will mean a problem that will face Haitian society for many decades to come, said Roses.

She discussed that now must improve the places where people are settling early, before they get severe infections and epidemics, which has established a sentinel surveillance system in the 40 centers that serve as temporary settlement in Haiti.

She highlighted that so far no outbreaks of magnitude have been detected, but small outbreaks of diseases, especially diarrhea.

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Dominican Republic helps Haiti immensely

Donations Haiti V02Dominican institutions serving the devastated country

BREAKING NEWS: The Dominican government maintains and increases aid to Haiti, through various institutions and provides ongoing support to hundreds of citizens affected by the earthquake.

Government support is collected in the forteress of Jimaní, as ordered by President Leonel Fernández, after a meeting on the morning of Wednesday January the 13th with State agencies for relief, health, safety and construction.

Also, Vicente Bengoa, head of the Ministry of Finance, gave funds for a total of 231 million pesos for institutions involved in the relief ordered by the President Fernandez, in favor of the Haitian people.

Through the Economic Restaurants of the state have delivered more than half a million servings in Haiti and have invested more than 17.9 million pesos. This institution continues to provide thousands of food rations and drinking water each day to those affected.

At the present time the Economic Restaurants are 14 mobile kitchens in Haiti providing cooked food and drinking water to all affected people, distributing 140 thousand daily rations cooked.

Through the Ministry of Public Health so far have treated more than 14 thousand victims of the earthquake, with an investment of 200 million pesos and the team sent to the border is 8 mobile hospital units, 10 ambulances, 38 doctors from different specialties, drugs and disposable materials to reinforce action in hospital, especially in the General Hospital Melenciano in Jimaní, and the Good Samaritan shelter to meet the aforementioned.

In the Haitian border, remain 8 mobile clinics and ambulances staffed units of the National Emergencies and Disasters.

The military has made viable ground transportation and humanitarian aid to Haiti and provided 10 security convoys a day with an average of 60 vehicles each. They sent an emergency rescue team and the security unit of depression serving in the Dominican embassy in Port au Prince.

Food wise, the Social Plan of the Presidency is still distributing food to 300 thousand people besides the victims include military missions and national and international aid workers providing assistance to Haiti.

The Civil Defense, the Dominican Red Cross and Public Health held medical transport victims with the completion of 150 daily flights carrying humanitarian aid where different species.

Water sector institutions (National Institute of Drinking Water and Sanitation and Water Supply and Sewerage Corporation of Santo Domingo (CAASD)) have distributed more than 775 thousand 800 gallons of drinking water.

In Jacmel, the ships of the Navy transported and distributed thousand gallons of water per day.
Other agencies are daily serving the Dominican Red Cross by sending 3 thousand blood bags of 500 cc each.

The OMSA supplies transportation from Santo Domingo to Jimaní. The Civil Defense maintains the support staff at hospitals in the South region composed of 900 specialized confined space rescue, land rescue and hospital care and management of shelters.

Also, the Price Stabilization Institute (INESPRE) donated more than five thousand rations of food and other aid contributions to neighboring Haiti, to benefit the thousands of Haitians who were affected by the earthquake.

The Dominican Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC) has created an air bridge from where it receives and dispatches all food aid, rescue personnel and equipment bound for Haiti,
Similarly, as ordered by President Leonel Fernández further action to reduce the suffering of the citizens of the neighboring country, with the activation of the system of family contact (RCF) with two mobile stations for each family receiving messages.

They moved 60 units of type O positive blood, which were transported to Haiti.
Similarly, the Office of the State Works Supervisor has 30 turnovers and 4 bulldozers for clearing and debris removal. In that order stated that the Public Works Ministry, through Acero Estrella (Star Steel) Company, has 2 backhoes, 2 shovels and 2 volts, for clearing and debris removal.

The Dominican Red Cross (CRD) operates as a bridge for humanitarian aid, distribution and supply of aid from the 186 member countries of the International Federation of the Cross.

These include the work done by the Dominican Corporation of State Electrical Companies (CDEEE), whose manager said Celso Marranzini to restore Haiti’s energy system to pre-earthquake levels are needed between 15 million and $ 20 million and that the institution is not able to provide these resources.

Dominican Republic Live, 27.01.10

French Government is satisfied with the Dominican Republic

Dominican Help Haiti V01For actions taken regarding the disaster in Haiti

BREAKING NEWS: The French government expressed satisfaction with the performances of the Dominican State for the actions taken before the disaster that affected the people of Haiti.

The spokesman of the Foreign Ministry of France, Bernard Valero, said in a public statement that his government has mobilized to provide assistance to Haiti and would like to pay particular tribute to the Dominican Republic.

He said that government authorities, public institutions, private sector and civil society showed a burst of generosity towards haitians.
They provided immediate and massive aid to the neighboring country, facilitated the transport of international rescue teams and hospitals urgently Dominicans admitted about 15 thousand wounded Haitians, said Valero.

Mr. Valero praised the management of the Dominican authorities for logistics implemented locally, which allowed their rescue teams to work effectively and quickly, and gave the example of French rescuers arrived by ship to Jacmel.

Our embassy in Santo Domingo benefited from any assistance from the Dominican authorities, the French residents and businesses to support our embassy in Haiti and rescue operations, he said.

The French official also said that his compatriots in the country worked in the collection made by the French School in Santo Domingo, the French Alliance and the Dominican-French Chamber of Commerce who created a crisis center that worked effectively.

Dominican Republic Live, 28.01.10

Dominican Republic will host the World Summit for the Reconstruction of Haiti

National Palace Dominican Republic V02The next April 14th, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Foreign Minister Carlos Morales Troncoso announced Thursday that the country will host next April the 14th the World Summit for the Reconstruction of Haiti.

Morales spoke to reporters at the National Palace after attending his meeting Thursday with President Leonel Fernández his counterpart inTaiwan, Ma Ying-jeou and Haitian Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive.

Troncoso said the Summit will be held in the country at the request of Haitian President Rene Preval. He said Chavez also will be invited other presidents and heads of State and Government, which he did not specify.

He said the Dominican Republic is preparing a report to present to the world the help offered by the nation to the neighboring country.

On Tuesday the international community committed itself in Montrealto assist in the recovery of Haiti for at least a decade, under the baton of the Haitian government after the earthquake that devastated the country on January the 12th.

Dominican Republic Live, 28.01.10

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