List of countries that, like the DR, require the vaccination card

This Monday, the resolution of the Ministry of Public Health came into force in the Dominican Republic which obliges people to present their vaccination card to enter closed places, as well as public transportation, thus adding to the list of countries that require such document as one of the measures to stop the coronavirus.

Most of the countries that are requiring a card or some document that guarantees that the person is inoculated against the virus are in Europe, where the measure was implemented.

In the case of Austria, in order to enter public places such as restaurants, theaters, hotels, bars, a vaccination certification or negative test is required.

Government announces that 220 thousand people have been vaccinated in the last week.

Italy, the first of the countries to implement a document to be able to enter some public places was also one of the nations that was most affected by the pandemic with one of the highest rates of COVID deaths in the world.

Cyprus has a document known as Safe Pass, which specifies whether a person has been inoculated or is COVID negative.

In New York, United States, the certificate is also required to enter public places, although not all of the U.S. nation requires such a document.

President Emmanuel Macron in France ordered by decree that visitors to all indoor hospitality venues seating more than 50 people be required to show a vaccination pass. The French parliament is now in the midst of debating whether to introduce this as formal law and what it might look like if so.

In Abu Dhabi, to go in a supermarket, eat in a restaurant or go to the beach people must prove they are vaccinated against COVID-19 or present a recent negative PCR test.

“Coronapass” is requested in Denmark for all indoor dining and cultural venues which has the same requirements as the EUDCC. The Coronapass is available on paper or can be downloaded via an app.

In addition, the other nations on the list of countries that like the Dominican Republic request the document from citizens are: Lithuania, Luxenburg, Netherlands, Portugal, Ireland, Slovenia, among others.

Measures in the Dominican Republic
As in all nations of the world, including those that do not require the vaccination card to enter public places, in addition to the document certifying the inoculation, the same other protocols remain in force: hand washing, use of masks and physical distancing.

In the Dominican Republic, as part of the resolution, Minister Daniel Rivera stated that the card must state the two doses of the vaccine or otherwise, the person over 12 years of age, will have to present a negative PCR test, a maximum of 7 days before. They will not be allowed to enter public places such as schools, workplaces and other establishments.

The violation of the provision implies criminal sanction for the persons who incur in the crime of falsification of the card or in showing adulterated covid-19 test results. The measure orders to keep distance, and the use of the mask.

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