Mayor of Las Terrenas and President Abinader meet at his office

President Luis Abinader received in his office the mayor of Las Terrenas, where they discussed issues of interest for the growth and development of this tourist municipality.

The information was offered by Mayor Eduardo Esteban Polanco, who also said that during the meeting an agenda was created to follow up on a series of initiatives presented to the mayor by the mayor.

The mayor indicated that several of the initiatives and proposals approved will be announced when the legal procedure is completed.

The mayor emphasized that these are works of great impact for the municipality, while pointing out that others will be studied by the corresponding institutions.

He detailed the different situations in which important works of the municipality are, such as the aqueduct and play of the farm, the Liceo Pedro Mir. Also, Pueblo de Los Pescadores, asphalting of streets, the need for construction of alternate roads already duly identified, among others.

He affirmed that the president promised to prioritize the issue and give answers as soon as possible.

President Abinader brings conclusive solutions in marathon working days in SDE and SDN during the weekend.
President Luis Abinader concluded on 10 April two days of an extensive work day in the municipalities of Santo Domingo East (SDE) on Saturday and Santo Domingo North (SDN) on Sunday, where he initiated numerous works, visited popular markets with cheap food and various services for the benefit of thousands of residents.

Between asphalting of streets and sidewalks, construction of various works, financing of MSMEs and other actions for the benefit of thousands of families, the Government is investing millions of dollars in these two municipalities.

From the early hours of Saturday, the governor developed an extensive work agenda in SDE.


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