MESCYT funds research projects

MESCYT funds research projects to care for the biodiversity of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean

The Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCYT) has financed different research projects, with the objective of caring for the health of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, prioritizing studies of mangroves, artisanal fishing, sargasso and its impact on marine biodiversity.

This was stated by the head of MESCYT, Franklin García Fermín, in his speech during the first Atlantic Ocean Research Forum 2022, which is being held from July 12 to 14 in Washington D. C., United States, and whose importance lies in the launching of the first Declaration of the Alliance for Research and Innovation for the entire Atlantic Ocean.

“This is the greatest effort of all our peoples for the achievement of lofty purposes, such as the rational and sustainable use of the resources of the sea through strategic, academic and scientific alliances for the benefit of the Dominican and world population,” he said.

He indicated that, in the case of sargassum, the country seeks to take advantage of its arrival in the production of food supplements for livestock and in the manufacture of biofuels.

He also highlighted that in 2021, the research vessel OceanXplorer arrived in Dominican port, with the purpose of carrying out an international expedition in which biologists from the Ministry of the Environment and the National Authority of Marine Affairs (ANAMAR) participated, framed within the regional collaboration to study the oceans and use the resources they offer in a sustainable manner.

“As this Network has the objective of being an open and participatory community, we want to tell you that the Dominican Republic congratulates this activity, for the simple reason that we are a nation called to live facing the sea,” he said.

The first Atlantic Ocean Research Forum, presented by Brazil and the United States, includes ministerial interventions, round tables and parallel events organized by several embassies.

It represents an opportunity for researchers, policymakers, investors, industry, academia and young people to share the important work they have been doing in the Atlantic, collaborating to co-create innovative solutions to current challenges and work towards more collaborative and sustainable research across the Atlantic.

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