Mexican Senators travel to DR to discuss Free Trade Agreement

A contingent of eight deputies and six senators will participate in the first Dominican Republic-Mexico Interparliamentary meeting. The unequal trade balance.

During June 20 and 21 of this year, a delegation of eight deputies and six senators will participate in the First Dominican Republic-Mexico Interparliamentary Meeting, which will take place at the National Congress in Santo Domingo.

Sources close to La Política Online informed that the objective of the meeting, which has been in the works since the beginning of the year, is to pave the way for a free trade agreement with the Caribbean nation.

Among the members of the delegation are Beatriz Paredes, Marcela Guerra, the president of the parliamentary group of friendship with Mexico, Jazmín Jaimes Albarrán, Alejandra del Carmen Gastélum, Dionicia Vázquez García.

The trade balance between both countries is totally unbalanced, according to data from the Ministry of Economy, in April 2023, Mexico’s international sales to the Dominican Republic were 60.8 million dollars while international purchases reached 26.9 million.

Mexico’s main sales to the Dominican Republic are vegetable products such as malt extract, flour, starch and cocoa; on the other hand, what the Caribbean nation exports most to Mexico are electrical appliances for switching or protecting electrical circuits.

“This meeting will be key for the region due to the fact that Latin America is one of the main destinations for Mexican investment, highlighting that of the 12 free trade agreements established by the Mexican government with foreign countries, six are with countries in this area”, informed the Senate.

The communiqué issued by the Congress of the Dominican Republic states that the meeting has the objective of discussing and analyzing several topics of common interest and will end with the signing of a Declaration of the Inter-Parliamentary Meeting, in order to: “Put on record the agreements reached”.

%uD83D%uDCE2The National Congress will host the First Dominican Republic-Mexico Interparliamentary Meeting 2023, to be held on July 20 and 21, with the participation of senators and deputies from both nations.


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