MINERD initiates testing phase for candidates for kindergarten and elementary school levels

The National Teacher Competitive Examination 2021, of the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic (Minerd), opened its testing phase this Friday, November 12, with applicants for Primary, Elementary, Secondary, principals and counselors, aspiring to fill the 19 thousand vacancies existing in the pre-university education system.

The first group, which starts this Friday, has been summoned to take tests in the afternoon hours of 1:00 and 4:00 p.m., in the 18 Regional Education Offices. On the other hand, next week they will have other schedules available.

On this occasion, a positive aspect to highlight is that the applicant will have the opportunity to review the questions he/she has left blank, answer them by going back and review his/her answers if necessary, during the time contemplated in each test.

It should be noted that the applicants to be tested will coincide in the school premises with regular students, children and young people. When the applicant arrives at the school at the corresponding time, shortly before the test time, he/she must check his/her name on a list, registered by center, by classroom and by day. The persons confirmed in these lists will be granted access. Each center will have the number of classrooms available and equipped to evaluate the applicants.

The evaluation process has two tests: one of general cognitive skills and the other of disciplinary and pedagogical knowledge. Once the two evaluations have been passed, the applicant proceeds to the competency-based interview. Both tests are mandatory requirements to continue.

In each center there will be a general coordination with a support team, the only ones authorized to provide information about the competition. Their function is to ensure the smooth running of the process, clarify doubts, and attend and resolve any unforeseen situation, which breaks the order of the competition, for which they have worked hard in the planning, verification and correction of all the steps.

Likewise, in order to verify that the process is running efficiently and transparently, observers, representatives of international organizations and civil society, previously identified, will be allowed to enter.

It should be noted that those who passed positively the last testing stage in September do not have to repeat the test now, but only wait to be summoned for the face-to-face interview phase. The platform has a configuration that will tell them if they were approved, after entering their ID number, and by email they will also be informed about it.

This week’s practices
During this week, about 24,000 people accessed the simulation platform, with the objective of being better prepared for their evaluations, thus allowing the strengthening of individual skills, in order to raise the pass rate and for vacancies to be filled.

This training facility will continue to be available until it is needed, and those interested can access it from any device with internet, or use the universities’ equipment in their computer labs, for which the interested party must reserve two hours in advance through the telephone line: 809-688-9700 ext.: 4588 and 4589, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

In these practices, applicants can explore the platform for 20 minutes, and repeat if they consider it necessary, as well as receive assistance if required from a technical support staff of the university that joined the process, members of the Dominican Association of Rectors of Universities (ADRU).

The Minerd has taken all corrective measures in the technological, logistical, institutional and administrative aspects to guarantee a more satisfactory experience on the part of the applicant, from the call for applications, the interaction with the testing platform and the results, to the remission of official information after the test has been taken.

Applicant Assistance Center (CAP)
The National Teacher Competitive Examination offers timely guidance information to the applicants of the process in each phase of the competition through telephone contact, mail, social networks and the platform of the competition. For this purpose, it created the Applicant Assistance Center (CAP). The CAP assists the applicant in any doubt or situation, and can respond to issues such as scheduling appointments for the simulation in the computer labs of the universities.

It can also solve situations of digital access or registration, provide information on all the processes of the competition: simulation test, calls, phases of the competition, and answer all the applicant’s questions through the established communication channels.

The Applicant Assistance Center can be reached at 809-688-9700 ext. 4595 / 4596, and by e-mail: [email protected]. You can also find all the information regarding the competition on the website ( https://apps.minerd.gob.do ‘ seconcursodocente).

Centers where the tests will be held
The campuses and regions where the tests will be offered are: Regional 01 in Barahona, Liceo Académico Parroquial Cristo Rey; 02 in San Juan, Pedro Henríquez Ureña center; 03 of Azua, Bartolomé Olegario Pérez center; 04 in San Cristóbal, Oficializado San Rafael; 05 of San Pedro, Liceo Gastón Fernando Deligne; 06 in La Vega, Politécnico Femenino Mercedes Morel; 07 of San Francisco, Politécnico Vicente Aquilino Santos; 08 of Santiago, Politécnico La Esperanza; 09 in Mao, Inponor center.

In Regional 10 for Santo Domingo II, Escuela República de Panamá; 11 in Puerto Plata, Politécnico Gregorio Urbano Gilbert; 12 in Higüey, Escuela de La Salle; 13 in Monte Cristiano, Politécnico Gregorio Urbano Gilbert; 14 in Higüey, Escuela de

La Salle; 13 in Monte Cristi, Liceo San José; 14 in Nagua, Liceo Profesor Ángel María Croussett; 15 in Santo Domingo II, Liceo Víctor Estrella Liz; 16 in Cotuí, Liceo Francisco Henríquez y Carvajal; 17 in Monte Plata, Fernando Arturo de Meriño center, and Regional 18 in Neyba, Liceo Manuel de Jesús Galván.

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