Minister Collado leaves works initiated in streets of Bayahibe

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, began work on the reconstruction of road infrastructure in this important destination in the eastern region of the country, at a cost of DR$52,946,746 and announced other investments of more than 200 million.

The intervention, which will include the reconstruction of some 11 road axes, divided into two zones within the municipality, will contribute to improve the connection between the different communities.

After appreciating the importance of the works, Minister Collado said that these interventions will turn Bayahibe into a model tourist destination in the country.

“These works are just the beginning of everything we have to turn this destination into a real model, because Bayahibe’s time has come”, proclaimed Minister Collado.

Ana García Sotoca, president of the Clúster Turístico Romana-Bayahíbe, emphasized the impact which the works will have on this destination, which registers the highest occupation in the country.

The works will be in charge of the Executor Committee of Infrastructures in Tourist Zones (CEIZTUR).

In addition to the streets to be renovated, in a total length of 3.5 kilometers, the project includes the reconstruction of the parking lot of the pier for Isla Saona, totally paved, in an area of 295 square meters.

The zone 1 to intervene, includes the Franco Expósito street and the street parallel to the referred road, both connecting the town of Bayahíbe from the main road.

Franco Expósito street will be reconstructed in a length of 839 linear meters and a width of 6.00 meters; besides 3 connections, which add up to a total of 1,257 linear meters.

On the other hand, the street parallel to Franco Expósito will be intervened in a length of 449.41 linear meters with a width of 6.00 meters.

Zone 2 includes the reconstruction of the parking lot of the pier to Isla Saona; the streets Escuela Juan Brito; Paralela Manantial and streets of interconnection which will allow the access towards the main pier area of Bayahíbe.

The street Escuela Juan Brito includes the reconstruction of two road axes which give access to the referred school center of the community of Bayahibe, with a total length of 579.00 linear meters and a width of 5.30 meters.

Meanwhile, the Paralela Manantial street with a length of 40.0 linear meters, consists of the reconstruction of the road axis adjacent to the Manantial de la Muerte, located in the zone of the springs of Bayahibe.

Meanwhile, the streets of interconnection, located in the area of the photographic inn of the municipality, with access towards the area of main pier of the zone, entails the adequacy of 360 linear meters of asphalted road.

The recovery of this road structure for Bayahibe will consist in the laying of a 2-inch asphalt wearing course, 2,590 linear meters of concrete embankments and construction of speed bumps for the correct course of the waters, in addition to signaling and division of lanes.


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