Minister David Collado concludes successful visit to Puerto Rico, meeting with key sectors of the tourism industry

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, in his recent visit to the neighboring island of Puerto Rico, exhausted an intense agenda of meetings and activities, in which he met with businessmen, tour operators, travel agencies and the governor of the island, Pedro Pierluisi.

In his meeting with Pierluisi, in which they addressed various issues of the tourism industry, the latter asked him to communicate to the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, the need to reach an agreement to reduce the cost of airline tickets in order to increase the flow of tourism between the two nations.

“Among the many issues discussed, the Governor asked me to communicate to President Luis Abinader the need to reach agreements to reduce the cost of airline tickets, in order to increase the flow of tourism between the two countries,” he wrote.

The minister also met with the Ferrer Business Group, tour operators and travel agencies, in order to widen the work ties in favor of tourism.

He also held meetings with the Secretary of Economic Development and Commerce, Manuel Cidre, and with the director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, Carlos Mercado.

“With them we were able to share views and best practices and exchange ideas for the development of multidestination tourism and the opportunities and challenges for the development of the sector in the coming years,” Collado posted through his social networks.

During his visit to Puerto Rico, Minister Collado was accompanied by the Vice Minister of Tourism, Jacqueline Mora.


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