Minister of Tourism inaugurates park in Bánica and kicks off reconstruction of sidewalks and curbs in the surrounding area

The works, a long-standing demand of the residents of Bánica, cost more than RD$20,500,000.

The Minister of Tourism was accompanied by the main municipal and provincial authorities, including the governor of the province, Mlly Martínez; Yissel Santana, mayor of Bánica; Brigadier General Minoru Matsunaga, the vice-minister of Destination Management, Patricia Mejía, among others.

Minister Collado said that this investment, made through the Ministry of Tourism, is clear evidence of the effort of the government of President Luis Abinader to turn every place in the country into an attractive and diversified tourist destination.

“Furthermore, it is clear that for us tourism has a human face and where tourism arrives, progress arrives. That is why we are here today,” emphasized the official.

Both projects, designed and planned by Mitur’s Executing Committee for Infrastructure in Tourist Zones (CEIZTUR), will have a total cost of RD$20,584,370.

An investment of RD$10,909,325.98 was required in the Plaza Diego Velázquez, including the construction of the Antonio Jiménez Pedestrian Boulevard, while the reconstruction of sidewalks and curbs will cost RD$9,675,044.88.

During the event, the Minister of Tourism, David Collado was declared Adopted Son of the municipality by the City Council. He was also recognized by the Association of Municipalities of the El Valle Region.

Inauguration of Diego Velázquez Park

Description of Works

The façade of the Plaza will be inspired by the Manzanerz El Real Castle, located in Spain and in honor of the memory of the Spanish adelantado Don Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar, founder of the Villa de Bánica in the year 1504.

The same will be adorned with side gardens with trinitarias and surrounded by palm trees; iron and wood benches; colonial type lamps, as well as an access ramp to the park for the disabled.

Reconstruction of sidewalks, curbs and El Higo Park

The plan for the execution of this project includes the reconstruction of 1,542 square meters of striped concrete sidewalks and 1,106 linear meters of concrete curbs in the Manzana del Parque Diego Velázquez.

In addition, the construction of the so-called “Parque Del Higo” includes 805 square meters of land, located at the intersection of the roads to the Play Municipal and the San Francisco de Asis Church.

According to the design and planning of this work, it will include beautification, lighting, landscaping, curbs, concrete steps and pavement, iron railings and equipment.

The beginning of the execution of these projects is part of the infrastructure works promised by President Luis Abinader for this border province, which includes the construction of aqueducts, border markets, road rehabilitation, among others.



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