Mitur and other institutions will seek to organize traffic in Las Terrenas

Several institutions began work on the organization of traffic in the tourist municipality of Las Terrenas, Samaná province, with the execution of a road safety plan for mobility and accident prevention.

The entities that joined forces to carry out the traffic organization program are the Ministry of Tourism, the mayor’s office, the General Directorate of Transit and Land Transportation (Digesett) and the National Institute of Transit and Land Transportation (Intrant).

In this order, the director of Digesett, Brigadier General Ramón Antonio Guzmán Peralta, ordered the dispatch of new agents, tow trucks, motors and cones.

Guzman Peralta said that Digesett and Intrant technicians will meet with representatives of the community, colleges, schools, hoteliers and the media to offer them talks on road education and traffic organization, accident prevention and other topics.

Likewise, Intrant technicians, in coordination with the mayor’s office of the municipality, the Ministries of Tourism and Public Works, will carry out a survey for the signaling and programming of traffic lights.

The signaling includes both the highways and the streets of the interior of Las Terrenas, as well as the organization of the parking lots.

In view of these announcements, Mayor Eduardo Esteban Polanco thanked Guzmán Peralta and other authorities for their visit. “Finally, the time has come for the development of Las Terrenas”, he said, while sustaining that all these actions will mark a step forward in the well-being of the citizens and their visitors.

Work table

A press release from Digesett informs that the work began in a meeting at the town hall, where a work table was formed by representatives of the Ministry of Tourism, the mayor’s office, Digesett and Intrant.

They also agreed to involve businessmen, tour operators, transporters, organizations of motoconchistas, ironmongers and others.

The meeting was attended by General Guzmán Peralta, the person in charge of Mobility of Intrant, Alexandra Cedeño, Mayor Eduardo Esteban Polanco and on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism, Adrián Jiménez.


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