Mitur highlights the promotion of human and social capital as a priority in the Pedernales Tourism Development Project

The Tourism Development Plan promoted by the Government in Pedernales and the Enriquillo region through the Ministry of Tourism and the support of the private sector, prioritizes professional technical training and the development of human and social capital that will result in the improvement of the quality of life of its inhabitants.

As part of this commitment, some 1,017 young people from Pedernales and the provinces that make up the Enriquillo region received their certificates in courses given by the Technical Professional Training Institute (INFOTEP) as a contribution to the first group of graduates who will serve the demand for services that the project will have in its first phase.

The investiture ceremony was led by Rafael Santos, director of INFOTEP, in the presence of local authorities and representatives of the Tourism Development Council of Pedernales and as part of the activities on the occasion of the 64th anniversary of the founding of the province.

Before swearing them in and handing them their certificates accrediting them as technicians, Santos assured the group that they would have their jobs. He urged them to continue preparing themselves to serve their families, communities and the country.

The INFOTEP director explained that the institution’s goal is to prepare up to 20,000 young people in the areas demanded by tourism in this first phase of the project, in which six hotel chains are contemplating the construction of 4,700 rooms.

Carlos Peguero, Vice Minister of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Tourism and executive director of the Pedernales Project, valued the importance of the training of the human capital that will be required by the hotels and the tourism value chain in this first phase.

“We need the people of Pedernales, Independencia and Bahoruco to occupy the positions they will generate in the tourism development of Pedernales and the Enriquillo region,” he said.

Peguero valued that most of the graduates in the courses given by INFOTEP in areas of the sector belong to the female gender after emphasizing that “in the Pedernales Project we are contributing to inclusion and equity”.

He assured that the jobs demanded by the project will be in the hands of the residents of the region, while indicating that the first phase will require about 10,500 new jobs.

Sigmund Freund, director of Public-Private Partnerships, said “that this first investment is a success of what is to come for the Enriquillo region in the coming years”.

He assured that “it is a great message to all investors that we are looking for them to invest in the Dominican Republic and in Pedernales”.

The group of 1,017 invested by INFOTEP received courses in the areas of hotel management, bakery, hotel reception, information technology, tour guide, agriculture and livestock, nursing, handicrafts, masonry, among others.

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