Mitur manages RD$450 million for works in municipalities

In order for the municipal districts to grow, improve and build accesses to beaches, spas, waterfalls, rivers and trails in the mountains with high vocation to be visited by national and foreign tourists, the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) proposes that the General Budget Directorate (Digepres) allocate RD$450 million to them.

The information was revealed by the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, who said that they are trying to make an agreement for the municipal districts with a tourist vocation and is in discussion with the Budget director, Jose Rijo Presbot, so that these Mitur resources can be assigned to them.

First investment

He explained that the first item would be RD$250 million, “this is because the process for bidding small works of three or four million pesos is extremely long with the Mitur on behalf of the Executing Committee of Infrastructure of Tourist Zones (Ceiztur). And what we are trying to channel through the Dominican Municipal League and the Dominican Federation of Municipal Districts (Fedodim) is that these works be channeled through them and that they be duly audited with Law 340 and others, but that each municipality do it,” said the official.

Obras De Turismo En Municipios David ColladoHe said that Fedodim will share a list of the municipalities to be impacted with the allocation of these resources.

He expressed that they have already started works in different demarcations, such as in La Caleta and Bahoruco, but the idea is to complete RD$450 million in small works. “Immediately Digepres authorizes the first RD$250 million will be delivered. A survey will be made of the works done in the municipal districts by Ceiztur and the difference can be paid immediately,” he said. He added that having strengthened local infrastructures favors domestic tourism, according to El Hoy.

Collado offered said information at the XVI Congress of Fedodim, held last Friday, 31 May in Punta Cana with the theme “Municipal Finances and IV Industrial Revolution”.

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