Montecristi has a new Environment Minister

Environmentalist Juan Guzman, northern regional coordinator of Protected Areas, was sworn in as interim head of the Ministry of the Environment in Montecristi, replacing Kelvin Olivo, involved in a scandal over the clearing of land in Las Canas.

A document states that he was sworn in by the director of Coordination of Provincial and Municipal Offices, Erasmo Pichardo.

It says that the official emphasized Guzmán’s commitment with the protection of the natural resources and trusted that the personnel will do their best to support his work.

It states that Guzmán, born in Moca, also stands out in the professional field and in his contribution to research as a nature photographer.

The text informs that the new manager is a graduate in Business Administration with studies in labor law, effective human management and mass media communication. He has been a professor at Intec and the Calasanz school.

“Juan Guzman has been collaborating for more than three decades with non-profit institutions linked to community development and management, in programs of health, education, sustainable development and rural infrastructure throughout the Cibao region,” it indicates.

According to the note, the headline proclaims that he is an “environmentalist and nature photographer” with more than three decades of experience. He collaborates with the Catholic newspaper Camino, voice of the Dominican Episcopate conference; with the Brazilian magazine Nova America and other local and international media.

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