Heliports to strengthen national security

The executive director of the Airport Department (DA), Víctor Pichardo, and the general commander of the National Army (ERD), Carlos Antonio Fernández Onofre, agreed to work together to strengthen the nation’s security, through the construction and refurbishment of helipads in the different facilities they have throughout the Dominican territory.

The initiative is part of the National Heliport Network project developed by the DA, with the objective of reinforcing prevention, mitigation and response for risk management in emergency situations due to natural disasters or other causes, which may affect Dominican airports and heliports.

This was established in the Interinstitutional Framework Agreement for Collaboration and Support between the entities.

Red Nacional De Helipuertos“We have framed this agreement within the inter-institutional strategy for the strengthening of the National Heliport Network, a project that will transform the entire emergency, tourism and business system of the Dominican Republic,” explained Pichardo.

High priority agreement

He said that, as the governing body of airports, heliports and private airports, this agreement is a high priority not only for emergency issues, but also as part of the strategy and the work of defense and security of the nation, which is carried out by the Army throughout the country.

Fernández Onofre thanked the DA in the person of Pichardo, indicating that the support offered will strengthen the military institution, especially in those places where it is most needed.

“It will be very useful at this time. We will support the Airport Department in all that is necessary; we will be working as a single team, because in the end what we want is greater security for the country, progress and greater development”, said the senior officer.

The agreement, signed at the DA headquarters, also seeks to develop improvement programs in strategic areas and to optimize the human resources of both institutions, making the operational capacity more efficient through joint activities.


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