NY Mayor-elect pledges to expand relations with the country

The mayor-elect of New York City promised yesterday that during his administration he will deeply strengthen commercial and cultural relations with the Dominican Republic, after reaffirming his deep ties with the country’s representative in that city.

Eric Adams, who held a meeting with the business leadership and the main government officials of Santiago, said that he came to this country a few days after winning the elections, to fulfill a promise he had made to the Creole community in the Big Apple.

The elected official highlighted his relations with the Dominican community and his willingness to expand, from his administration, the commercial, cultural and other exchanges with this country.

Adams, speaking before the members of Compromiso Santiago, composed of the main institutions of the local business and development association, as well as official officials, said that for him the Dominicans are his family, and his house is the house of all. Adams promised to help with technical training to the members of the Fire Department.

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