Ocean View Travel Agency announce excursions in Dominican Republic

The tours will start February of 2012Haitises Dominican Republic V6

When anyone thinks of a tropical island they usually think mystical and a place to vacation, let their hair down and just plain relax. The excitement of the unknown captivates many.

Ocean View Travel Agency is bringing all this to anyone who is ready to take the leap and experience this first hand themselves in an exotic destination. There is no need to be stressed, worry or take time to plan a trip of a lifetime because everything has been thought out in these excursions.

The tours are ideal for all ages, with more advanced activities for those who live for excitement. The tours will start February of 2012 with booking starting in October of 2011. So why are they starting the tours in February 2012 ?

Ocean View Travel Agency, has chosen February of 2012 to open their Dominican Republic Tours so tourists can experience one of the most magnificent natural experiences anyone can enjoy which is the whale-watching season. From January-March an estimated 6,000 humpback whales which are most of the population of the whales of the North Atlantic come together on the waters of the beautiful Samaná Peninsula in the Dominican Republic.

Their mating and rearing activities happens on the northern part of the Samaná Peninsula where it is shallower and the waters are warmer. The humpback whales choose these waters to display one of the most magnificent shows with their courtship and birthing activities. These mammals can weigh up to 40 tons and their acrobatics of diving, rolling and leaping clear out of water is a must see phenomenon to experience.

They will have two tours in which one will be on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic where the spectacular show of these whales is located. The history tour will be on the southern coast of the island.

Another glimpse into the northern tour which will be opened first is Cayo Levantado also in Samana, Dominican Republic. This beautiful island situated just a couple of miles from Samaná and reached by boat, is definitely breath taking and adventurous. You can have fun and take pictures with sea lions, snorkel, scuba dive, and try the pescado (fish), which is definitely a must. This exotic island is also famous for the filming of the Bacardi Commercial. Visiting this tropical escape is being in paradise. Its white sand and beautiful palm trees make it one of the most sought out places on earth.

Also as part of the tour is the Parque Nacional Los Haitises shown in the video above. Explorers will spend the day on a deserted island beach along with seeing untouched natural caves with Indian carvings, rain forests, and possibly even rare birds. This is one of the Dominican Republic’s most unique landscapes. Hump shaped hillocks rising out of the water covered with dense tropical vegetation. The nine day tour is exploding with vibrant places and exciting things to do. Ocean View Travel Agency’s motto for these tours is Live, Enjoy and Explore !

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