On foot or on horseback, discover Limón waterfall

About ten kilometers away from Las Terrenas

About ten kilometers away from Las Terrenas, the village of El Limon is the starting point of a beautiful excursion (accessible even for non-experts at walking) to the most beautiful waterfall of the Samana Peninsula. On foot or on horseback, you will have to cross a river and a 2-kilometer muddy road, before reaching the final. The road may seem long and tiring, especially if it has rained a lot the previous days.

This is why a lot of visitors choose to travel on horseback.

The show is worth it. These majestic waterfalls are over fifty meters high and are at the heart of a luxury mountain. You can swim in the natural pool but the water temperature is quite low. There is also a second cascade, smaller, below.

Remember to wear comfortable shoes if you decide to reach the waterfall on foot.

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