ONAPI launches Industrial Property magazine

The National Industrial Property Office (Onapi) launched its third edition of the magazine “Industrial Property: promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and technology”, with the aim of promoting creativity and research, aimed at innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs.

The general director of Onapi, Salvador Ramos, emphasized that the launching of the magazine represents a contribution of the institution to the inventors who put inventions in the name of the Dominican Republic through their patents. He also expressed that he hopes to contribute to the training, education and dissemination of knowledge.

In the same order, Ramos gave recognition to the scientific innovator Agripina Ramírez and the innovator Joel Alcántara, for their contributions to research and the field of renewable energies for environmental sustainability. Likewise, Yohon Lantigua Cruz, for his Internal Injection Solar Device, as well as Ayban García and César Mejía.

The third edition of the magazine highlights the intellect and creativity of innovators such as Agripina Ramírez, creator of Avacare Hair Lotion; Ayban García, who created the Automated Revolving Cocoa Fermenter; and Yohon Lantigua Cruz, with the Solar Internal Injection Device. Also, César Mejía, who invented the Apparatus, System and Method for Training the Mechanics of Overarm Throwing, and Joel Alcántara, who created the Renewable Energy Dynamic Park, among other topics in the field of industrial property.

The director of the Department of Inventions, Luisa Castillo, said that children should be motivated to invent so that the country can achieve results like these innovators today; she also offered a panel in which the inventors participated, reflecting on their experiences.

In this sense, Onapi, through these patents created by each of these innovators, promotes the economic development of the country through research, and at the same time contributes to the needs of citizens and the environment.

Lisibell Cordero, in charge of Projects, emphasized that her expectation is that platforms such as these can contribute to the economic development of the Dominican Republic. She explained that the institutional magazine contains 38 articles and that these contents raise issues on the importance of industrial property. He stated that this encourages innovation, creativity and, above all, the fair promotion of competition, and said that this is the work of the Industrial Property magazine.

Present at the activity were the main authorities of the entity and the inventors and innovators who served as the basis for the elaboration of the magazine, who highlighted the value of this document and what it means to them, as it presents their capacity for creativity and work.


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