Original Resorts and the Cisneros Group in Tropicalia, Miches


Original Resorts has more than 35 years of experience in the Mexican hotel industry.

Original Resorts Miches Dominican Republic 01According to the digital newspaper Arecoa, the tourist group Original Resorts, directed by Rodrigo de la Peña, is joining Four Seasons, Club Med, as well as other projects that will see the light in the short term. In the case of the North American brand, its entry to the destination in the eastern region of the country will be carried out by Grupo Cisneros, specifically in the Tropicalia project.

Original Resorts has the backing of more than 35 years of experience in the Mexican hotel industry, with an outstanding inclination towards the adult segment in which it lets its content be felt in order to welcome erotic tourism, thus deciding to change the traditional hotel industry and create new brands, as the general director of Original has expressed at the time.

As for Miches, it is capturing the attention of large tourist groups, and not for less, the area is called to welcome the natural expansion that lives the main Dominican vacation pole, having already very enthusiastic tour operators in the U.S., the largest issuing market in the country.


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