Orlando Jorge Mera Ecological Park inaugurated in El Seibo

The Municipality of Santa Cruz de El Seibo, led by the young mayor of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Leo Francis Zorrilla Ramos, inaugurated the Orlando Jorge Mera Ecological Park in honor of the environmental contributions made by the late Minister Orlando Jorge Mera in and out of his tenure at the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MIMARENA).

A lung like this in the center of our municipality had to be a reality, we bring together what was and characterized Orlando in the field of sports, recreation and natural resources, we immortalize the name of a great and his legacy to put this place in favor of our municipalities, so that they can have contact with nature and recreate in a healthy and fun way”, said Zorrilla Ramos, when being interviewed in the program ”Líderes”, by the communicator Orlando Salvador Jorge Villegas, who thanked the gesture and privilege of placing the name of his father to this space.

The truth is that it is very beautiful, I have to congratulate you, first for your vision as mayor of this city, to develop an ecological park, which is something that is trending in the world, and you have come to implement it here in thisPark Inagurate In El Seibo beautiful province, which is a fundamental part of the cultural heritage of the Dominican Republic,” said the legislator of the constituency No. 1 of the National District.

Zorrilla Ramos detailed that the park has basketball and volleyball courts, exercise machines, green areas and children’s recreation areas, among others to enjoy with the family. The idea arose because her administration has been a standard bearer for ecology and the environment. She added that this project had been planned for years and that the proposal was taken to the Mayor’s Office and the Board of Aldermen for their respective approval.

I shared with Orlando when he visited us to tour the province, we went to the municipality of El Seibo and Miches, in the coastal and mountainous areas. His message was always ”We must exploit the tourist potential, but without neglecting the environment”, that impacted us in a positive and extraordinary way, besides his simplicity and humility, his voice transmitted peace and security, as well as his social commitment with ecology, the environment and natural resources”, said Zorrilla Ramos.

When asked by Jorge Villegas about the state of tourism development in El Seibo, the mayor replied: ”El Seibo has it all, beaches, mountains… no coastal municipality in the Dominican Republic has such a sustainable tourism development as the municipality of Miches, El Seibo province, which was even highlighted in Fitur Madrid 2023”.

In another tenor, he assured that the province of El Seibo has a great potential in sports and youth, ”We are committed to our generation, with God and with our people, to make a difference through public policies from the local government, which are inclusive and participatory, we believe fundamentally in the role played by youth and women, much of our team is made up of women, who play a leading role in decision making”.

The only way to transform your environment is by participating in social and political activities. Here there was nothing to pick up the garbage and today we are one of the cleanest municipalities in the national geography”, he said when asked about what motivated him to enter politics.

The young trustee highlighted the work done by President Luis Abinader, calling him the most municipalist president that the country has had in the entire democratic history, while highlighting the contributions he has been making during his term of office and the achievements obtained in terms of municipality, becoming recognized by the Dominican Municipal League (LMD) and the Dominican Federation of Municipalities (FEDOMU), as a transparent city council in terms of managing resources.

Neverlan Mazara, director of Municipal Works; the ingra.Amanda Rodriguez, director of Urban Planning; and the engineer Braulio Manzanillo; who together with the architect Bladimir Veras concretized the dream that we had. It was a permanent team effort. Even the gardener, the carpenter, the master builder, played an important role in this project,” he emphasized.

Father Miguel Angel Gullón, director of Radio Seibo, who was also part of the interview, highlighted the importance of the creation of the recreational space and the fact that it bears the pseudonym of former minister Jorge Mera, ”I believe that remembering his name with this ecological park in this province of El Seibo, is to thank him and that his memory continues”, he added.

The program ”Líderes” is broadcasted every Sunday at 9:00 am on Color Visión channel 9.

Source: Robertocavada.com

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