Panel on Institutionalization of Electoral Debates in the DR held

The Council for Economic and Social Development of Santo Domingo (CODESSD) held the panel on “The Importance of Electoral Debates for the Strengthening of Democracy”, in which short-term actions and the benefits of institutionalizing debate in the nation were discussed.

The president of CODESSD, Samuel Sena, said that “with this activity we give continuity to a series of actions that we started in 2020, as part of our strategy for the strengthening of institutional democracy in the Dominican Republic”.

Sena explained that as part of the actions to create and institutionalize the culture of debate in the country: “We have the firm conviction that political debates can play a role of exponentiators, but reality takes us to schools and colleges, to that generation that is the present and will be the future of our nation”.

On his side, the outstanding intellectual and pioneer in debates in Spain, Dr. Manuel Campo Vidal, declared that the debate is a right of the citizenship because it is basically a selection of personnel of who should lead an institution. Debates strengthen democracy.

Likewise, Charlie Mariotti, secretary general of the Dominican Liberation Party pointed out the need for an electoral body such as the Central Electoral Board (JCE) to organize the debates, in addition to emphasizing that if they are healthy for democracy, they should be mandatory.

On the other hand, the political delegate to the JCE of the Partido Revolucionario Moderno, Sigmund Freud, emphasized that for his generation it is an aspiration to see in the country a culture of debate, however, he recognized that he does not see the need to establish the obligatory nature of the same, while adding that “in the country there has only been an absence of debate at the presidential level”.

Finally, Manolo Pichardo, secretary of international affairs of La Fuerza del Pueblo, recognized the need for a culture of debates, although he does not see the need for a mandatory participation in them, but rather “an initiative of private entities that make the proposal to the political parties”.


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