Pinewood-Indomina Studios construction advances

Six sound stages are being built

With the February, 2011 groundbreaking to build Pinewood-Indomina Studios also arrived an international standard and brand associated with legendary productions in film history.

The Vicini Group, partners of England’s Pinewood Shepperton studios, wanted to show off the ongoing construction to the media, “to have a first-hand impression that this is actually happening, that the investment is real”, said Vicini PR Manuel Luna.

He said six sound stages are being built for film and TV production) three of which are advanced and the tank for shooting films underwater.

Luna was accompanied by Vicini Project coordinator Douglas Carvajal, and executive Alexandra Bonetti, who announced the ribbon cutting for the summer of 2013, and ready for international-caliber productions.

“There’s s a very large U.S. chain that wants to come here to film a series for one year”. Carvajal said, adding that the first stage also includes three shops for backdrops and one for sets.

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