Port Authority to build fishing pier in Juancho, Pedernales

Following the support that President Luis Abinader offers to the South in Tourism Development, the Port Authority ordered the construction of a fishing pier in the Municipal District of Juancho, given its potential in fish and seafood, the main engine of the economy of this community.

During the visit, it was announced the erection of a pier for fishermen, of this community in the beach area known as the Can de Juancho.

Futuro Muelle Pesquero PedernalesThe Authorities of Pedernales, received the visit of the Deputy Director of Port Authority Joaquin Fernandez, of a commission in which was present the Elected Senator Secundino (Agusto) Velazquez, the Re-elected Mayor, Henrrys Garcia, Julia Antonia (Toña), representing the Governor, Altagracia Brea, Gobernacion Civil de Pedernales.

A survey of the dock was made

It should be noted that this is not the first time that this fishing dock has been raised. In addition, the announced work shows hope at the end of the road.

The inhabitants of this fishing community expressed their gratitude for the efforts and efforts made for many years by some political figures, such as the mayor, Henry García, and the vice consul, Rafelito Garo, among others, in favor of the construction of the fishing pier in Juancho, which will benefit the entire community.

The fishing pier will be a cultural heritage of the community. This is due to the fact that fishing has been the main source of income in this municipal district, a source of work and livelihood since its creation.


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