Port of Haina in Dominican Republic has its first terminal and agri-food park

The Executive Director of the Dominican Port Authority (Apordom), Jean Luis Rodríguez, highlighted the consolidation of the national port system with the integration of the first terminal and agri-food park inaugurated by the company Terminal Granelera del Caribe (TEGRA) in the western area of the port of Haina.

The first port terminal and agri-food park in the Dominican Republic is an infrastructure dedicated to serving the agricultural sector through the mobilization of raw materials, food and fertilizer manufacturing, thus contributing to food security in the country. “The infrastructure of this terminal and agri-food park now includes seven new silos and a mechanized unloading system that facilitates operations, making it more efficient and consolidating it as a key factor in the country’s food security,” said Miguel Lajara, president of TEGRA.

The terminal also has a mechanized direct unloading system for grains from the ship to the silos and warehouses at a speed of 600 tons per hour, operating in a continuous one-day process that reduces the time ships spend in port. It also has two lines for unloading liquids with a combined capacity of 300 tons per hour for vegetable oils and fats.

TEGRA operates five production plants, two of which manufacture animal feed, with a combined capacity of 75 tons per hour. Two soybean extruders with a combined capacity of 20 tons/hour, the only ones serving the entire Dominican Republic, and one for fertilizer production. The total dispatch capacity of the production and storage plants is around 1,500 tons/day, including grains, flours, feed, bagged granular products, and liquids.

To date, the consumption of raw materials for the Dominican agro-productive sector is around 1.8 million metric tons per year, of which TEGRA moves around 560,000 tons of corn, 250,000 tons of soybeans and 25,000 tons of liquids, representing more than 40% of the national total.

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