President Abinader inaugurates Horacio Vásquez Museum in Tamboril

President Luis Abinader led this Sunday the inauguration of the Horacio Vásquez Museum, in the Tamboril municipality of this province.

The opening of this house museum seeks to highlight the democratic values that President Vásquez upheld.

A legacy of honesty

In his speech, the president said that this museum has a fundamental purpose and that is to allow young Dominicans to learn about the existence of honest presidents in public administration, leaders who loved their country, who felt passion for it and who administered the resources of the Government with responsibility, leaving a legacy of honesty.

“The main objective of this museum is for young Dominicans to see that in public administration there have been very honest presidents, who loved and felt passion for their country, who managed the treasury, taking care of the Government’s resources, leaving a legacy of honesty,” said President Abinader.

Leader who lived with honesty

The head of state added that, in conjunction with the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education, the task remains to ensure that every day busloads of students arrive here with a guide to educate young people and transmit to them the story of an honest man who was president of the Republic.

“We have to educate our young people so that they come to see where the most influential politician lived for three decades, who lived with honesty, acted with honesty and ended his life with honesty”, emphasized the governor.

Banco de Reservas Administrator

For his part, the general administrator of Banco de Reservas, Samuel Pereyra, highlighted the efforts of President Luis Abinader, to make this project a reality today.

“And no wonder, this work is very emotionally linked to our president, because his father José Rafael Abinader was born here in Tamboril, and precisely the street where we are named after him; he always harbored the idea of creating a museum in honor of Horacio Vásquez in this place, and had a bust of the former president erected, which is in front of this building, “said Pereyra.

He indicated that the opening of this museum will have a great impact as a documentation center for researchers and students of the community.

It was a dream of Father President Abinader

The Minister of Culture, Milagros German, said that today is a great day for this community, for the Government and for the history of the country.

She expressed that with the inauguration of this museum, the imprint of an exemplary man is rescued, in order to build a new citizenship that will know how to defend democratic, family and political values.

“President, your dream of recovering this space inspired by the teachings of your father, today becomes a reality and a great rescue for the collective memory”.

Act of historical vindication

Eduardo García, president of the Horacio Vásquez Foundation, thanked President Luis Abinader for his determination and decision to convert the house where President Horacio Vásquez lived and died into a museum. “It is an act of historical vindication, Mr. President, which exalts you,” he said.

Museum on José Rafael Abinader Avenue

The new work, located on José Rafael Abinader Avenue in the municipality of Tamboril, consists of the construction of a replica of the house where, after his overthrow in 1930, the several times president of the Republic, Horacio Vásquez, lived in internal exile and then died in 1936, together with his wife Trina de Moya.

The President was accompanied by the Minister of Culture, Milagros Germán; the Vice Minister of Administration of the Presidency, Igor Rodríguez; the General Director of Museums, Carlos Andújar; the Senator of Santiago, Eduardo Estrella; the Governor of Santiago, Rosa Santos; the Mayors of Tamboril, Anyolino Germosén and Hato del Yaque, Fermín Rojas Noesí; the diplomatic advisor of the Executive Power, Ambassador Carlos Guzmán and the Deputy for Santiago, Francisco Alberto Díaz.

Also present were the directors of the Center for Industrial Development and Competitiveness (PROINDUSTRIA), Ulises Rodríguez; of the Santiago Aqueduct and Sewage Corporation (Coraasan), Andrés Burgos; the general manager of Edenorte, Andrés Cueto, and the deacon, Juan Santiago Disla, of the Santa Eduviges Parish.


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