President Abinader inaugurates some projects

President Luis Abinader continues his program of inaugurations throughout the country and delivered this Thursday in this province the reconstruction of the access roads to the Rincón dam, the heliport next to the rowing and canoeing facilities and the First Level Center (CPN) El Verde, with an investment of more than RD 79 million.

The first of these works inaugurated by the President was the reconstruction of the access roads to the Rincón dam and then the heliport in the area of the rowing and canoeing facilities, which will host the competitions of the XXlV Central American and Caribbean Games to be held from June 23 to 28 this year, in the lake of the aforementioned dam

The Dominican Republic will be the sub-host of 7 sports of the XXlV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

During the inauguration ceremony, the Minister of Public Works and Communications, Deligne Ascención, informed that the work has an investment of RD 70 million and has a direct impact on more than 10,000 people living in this community.

He also reported that the government of President Abinader, through this Ministry, has invested in various works in Monseñor Nouel a sum in excess of RD 1,500 million pesos.

The inauguration consists of the reconstruction of 2 kilometers of road, with its signaling, for the comfort and safety of the national and foreign visitors who will be present during the Olympic Games.

In addition, a heliport was built, an indispensable requirement for the safety of the athPresident Abinaderletes and technical support personnel who might suffer an accident during the canoeing competitions.

The senator for the province, Héctor Acosta, valued the contributions that President Abinader has been making in Bonao. “Today our province feels rejoiced because you once again demonstrated that with little you can do a lot.”

On behalf of the community members, Domingo García thanked the head of state for the realization of this work which, he said, they had been waiting for a long time.

Later, the President delivered the First Level Center (CPN) El Verde, in the municipality of Bonao, with an investment of RD 9,379,123.79, benefiting more than 4,000 inhabitants of the town of El Verde.

The director of the National Health Service (SNS), Mario Lama, said that the delivery of the facility is part of the actions carried out by the institution he directs to strengthen the First Level of Attention, the gateway to health services, “so we are bringing health care closer and thus guaranteeing that the residents of this locality have access to it in a timely manner and in dignified spaces”.

He also detailed that the CPN has new vaccination, emergency and pharmacy areas, as well as two multi-purpose consulting rooms and a rest area for medical personnel with a living-dining room, kitchen and two bedrooms. In addition, the landscaping was readapted, as well as exterior and interior painting and roof repairs, works executed for a value of RD 6,714,780.29.

He also highlighted that with an investment of RD 2,664,343.50, the CPN was equipped with four stainless steel tables, two pediatric nebulizers, a refrigerator for medicines, six desks for clinical offices, four wall equipment for diagnosis, tools for cures and sutures, among other furniture.

Culminating his agenda in this province, President Abinader attended the 35th anniversary ceremony of the National Confederation of Transportation Organizations (CONATRA). There he was recognized for his great contributions to the transformation and modernization of transportation as well as for the new road mobility for the benefit of the country.

President Abinader was accompanied by the Minister of the Presidency, Joel Santos, and the Minister of Labor, Luis Miguel De Camps; the director of INDRHI, Olmedo Caba; the governor, Adela Tejada; the mayor of Bonao, Eberto Núñez; the director of Primary Attention of the SNS, José Luis López; the regional director of Health Cibao Central, Ayadelky Robles, together with the deputies Orlando Martínez Peña and Norberto Ortiz de la Cruz.


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