President Abinader receives Commander Delio Gómez Ochoa

President Luis Abinader received this Tuesday at the National Palace the Cuban commander Delio Gómez Ochoa, considered a national hero in the Dominican Republic for his fight against Rafael Leónidas Trujillo, and who was a victim of torture in prisons for this cause.

Gómez Ochoa arrived at the National Palace at 3:30 in the afternoon of Tuesday, and was immediately received by the head of state.

Both established an enthusiastic dialogue, where the revolutionary fighter told the President part of his trajectory of struggle both in Cuba and in the Dominican Republic.

After having fought in favor of the Cuban Revolution, Gómez Ochoa joined the anti-Trujillo forces and assumed the responsibility of recruiting and training fighters. He arrived in the Dominican Republic on June 14, 1959, landing in Constanza. He was subsequently captured, tortured and released on June 9, 1961, after the death of the tyrant.

For his efforts to free the Dominican people from the Trujillo dictatorship, he was honored with the National Order of Duarte, Sanchez and Mella, the highest award conferred by the country.

In his native country, by mandate of Fidel Castro, he had the responsibility of arming the guerrilla fronts and defense battalions. He was in charge of several movements that favored the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, among these, the IV Eastern Front “Simon Bolivar” and the Holguin Regiment. He also assumed the coordination of the 26th of July Movement and was second in command of the 1st José Martí Column, among others.

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