President Fernández inaugurated housing projects

In San Cristobal and Peravia

Yesterday, Tuesday March 20, President Leonel Fernández inaugurated two housing projects in the southwestern provinces of San Cristobal and Peravia, consisting of 160 units built by the National Housing Institute (INVI) at a cost of over RD$149 million.

Both projects are for low-income families living in high-risk areas and have basic services such as water, electricity and sanitation, as well as paved streets.

National Housing Institute director Alma Fernandez said that the project formed part of the government’s housing policy to benefit the poorest families in the country. In Peravia province Fernandez visited an aqueduct being built by the government at a cost of over US$109 million, which will benefit 391,809 people from now until 2030.

According to Mariano German, director of the National Institute of Drinking Water and Sewage, (INAPA), the modern structure which is being built by a Spanish consortium Acciona Agua- Abi-Karram Morilla Ingenieros Arquitectos, is scheduled for completion in one year and eight months. The company won the contract for EUR74 million that is financed by a private Spanish bank at an annual interest rate of 0.01%.

It will supply several areas in the municipality of Bani with water including Paya, Mata Gorda, Fundacion and Nizao, Don Gregorio, Pizarrete, Santana, Catalina and Carreton, Sombrero, El Llano, Escondido, Boca Canasta, Canafistol, Matanza, Los Tumbaos, Quija Quieta, Arroyo Hondo, Caldera and Las Salinas. It has capacity for 86.400 m3/day and a line of 17.5 kms of pipes.

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