Promoting tourism boom in Punta Rucia and other areas

Bisonó: ”Adepur will support joint activities to contribute to the solution of the most urgent problems affecting the area, such as pluvial infrastructure, drinking water, electric energy, road, sanitary, recreational, and others”.

Businessmen and personalities of Puerto Plata formed the Association for the Development of Punta Rucia (Adepur), an entity which seeks to promote the development of the tourist potential of the region and the different attractions of the municipal district of Estero Hondo.

The president of the entity, Juan Bautista Bisonó, said that they contemplate activities in the municipality of Villa Isabela, La Isabela Histórica, Estero Hondo, Punta Rucia and surrounding areas, to promote their integral development.

He said that they seek to facilitate the creation of the necessary conditions, in terms of public infrastructure and legal security, for the flow of national and foreign investments in these communities.

Bisonó emphasized that the economic dynamism and the generation of jobs in the area will not be possible without attracting investments to develop the infrastructure and that for this it is necessary to have legal security.

He said that Adepur will support joint activities to contribute to the solution of the most urgent problems affecting the area, such as rainwater infrastructure, drinking water, electricity, road infrastructure, sanitary, recreational, and others.

He called to promote the integration of all its social, political, commercial, business, artisan and community sectors because the communities are endowed with great natural, productive and historical resources, which require a greater impulse to promote their responsible and rational use.

Government action

“The government authorities, aware of this reality, have already deployed efforts to begin to resolve the situations that we have pointed out, such as the construction work of the Punta Rucia-Villa Elisa highway, which is being carried out by the Ministry of Public Works, the announcement of the improvement of local roads made by the Ministry of Agriculture and the negotiations for the construction of the aqueduct that we have been carrying out with INAPA”, he said.

He urged the central and municipal authorities of Villa Isabela, Estero Hondo, La Isabela Histórica, and other communities to join the development plans and programs that are being implemented in the region.

Adepur’s Board of Directors

In addition to Bisonó, the board of directors of Adepur is made up of Radhamés Molina, José Daniel Hidalgo, Edgar González, Jesús Méndez, Nelson René Cruz, José Alberto Cruz, Mario Pagán and Miriam Cruz García.

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