Rafael Canó Sacco speaks about the recovery of tourism in the DR

This sector is the basis of the economic stability of the Caribbean country as it is one of the activities that provides the greatest boost to employment.

For the Dominican Republic, tourism represents one of the main pillars of the national economy. The Dominican tourism specialist, Rafael Canó Sacco, points out that many of the Latin American countries that suffered the crisis caused by the coronavirus in their tourism activities are in a continuous process of reactivation: “The Dominican Republic is a leader in this recovery”.

In the previous year, in the face of detrimental numbers of visitors to various Latin American countries, the Dominican Republic maintained its losses at less than 25% with an optimal performance. “The stability of the Dominican Republic’s vacation industry is due in large part to the support of the Dominican government and the private sector,” states Rafael Canó Sacco. The prioritization of the sector was aimed at boosting the socioeconomic recovery of the entire country, as a result of the sustenance of demand chained with other related sectors such as the energy, commercial, food and additional services industries.

“The reactivation of Dominican tourism was not only defined by the increase in visitors, but also with the diversification and rapid recovery of foreign territory,” adds tourism expert Canó Sacco. Within the tourism empowerment plan, a series of changes were implemented that were later adopted by other neighboring countries, such as the attraction of foreign tourists who wish to commit to the country’s culture over tourists who want a short stay, travel assistance plans and the total opening of borders with internal control.

The implications of the stability of the tourism sector in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is currently a country that bases its economic stability on the export of services such as tourism. According to Rafael Canó Sacco, “Dominican tourism generates more than 15% of the national GDP, and this is one of the activities that propel jobs and growth projects in the country”. Consequently, those responsible for this balance maintain a constant monitoring of the evolution of the sector in search of elements to improve their offerings, such as new proposals for ecological, cultural or adventure tourism.

For example, the country’s ecotourism destinations, such as beaches and natural reserves, are its most recognized tourist attraction. “The sun and beach product is one of the most popular reasons to visit the Dominican Republic,” adds Rafael Canó Sacco. As a result of this popularity, the areas closest to these tropical spots are receiving the highest levels of investment for large projects, such as tourist complexes and residential villas. At the same time, the responsible governmental bodies must consider the investment in the maintenance of these areas, energy costs, measures against insecurity, land costs, among others.

The healthiness of the vacation, hotel and tourism sectors are part of a cyclical process that feeds the economic, social and cultural foundations of the country. For this reason, according to Rafael Canó Sacco: the effort that has been put and continues in the reactivation plan of this industry by the public and private sector, plus the measurement of risks and intelligent monitoring are elements of great relevance to continue with the integral impulse that the tourism of the Dominican Republic is having.

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