Roads toll free and use of heavy trucks prohibited

As part of the Holy Week

As each year, the preparatory measures, operations and prohibitions have been set forth by the authorities for the vacationers and travelers this Holy Week, especially starting Thursday and going on until Sunday.

If you are planning to enjoy the warm waters of a beach or the cooler waters of a river, remember that Civil Defense has closed 173 beaches and swimming spots, including San Souci, Güibia, San Rafael, Los Patos, Paya, Nizao, the waterfalls at Socoa and Jimenoa and the lake at Hatillo.

Also the Ministry of Tourism announced that Jet skis or wave runners, motorboats, horses, motorcycles and motor vehicles was well as the use of objects or equipment that represent a danger to others can be used on any beach.

Even more, from tomorrow and until Sunday, the Holy Week Operational Plan “For your Safety and the Values, 2012” coordinated by the Center for Emergency Operations will use 35,082 persons between brigade personnel, doctors, paramedics, military, police and specialists in search and rescue.

Likewise, the plan calls for 2,512 aid stations at critical points on beaches, swimming places, highways, freeways, and avenues, 123 ambulances, three air units and 75 bicycle-ambulances.

In order to guarantee the highway access to towns in the interior and the cleanliness of the recreation centers, the government has taken measures together with the Ministry of Public Works. Such is the case of the preparation of the highway that communicates Miches with El Seibo, towns that have extensive beaches that people flock to during Easter Week.

At the same time, in Cotui, Public Works took measures to clean up the swimming place under the bridge on the Yuna River, as well as the shoreline of the lake made by the Hatillo dam.

Beginning at noon on Holy Thursday, and until six in the morning on Monday, the use of heavy machinery or large trucks has been prohibited by Public Works. The Ministry also ordered the opening of the toll booths on the Duarte, 6 November, Sanchez Highway, and Las Americas highways starting at noon tomorrow and going until Friday at 6:00 p.m. This will avoid traffic jams at the toll booths on these entry and exits.

In the meantime, the Technical Office of Grand Transportation (OTTT) will carry out a program of inspection of vehicles in order to determine if they are in good enough condition to move people without risks.

The inspection includes checking the tires for pressure and condition, the brake system, lights, load capacity and bodywork.

In order to guarantee citizen safety, some 18,000 agents of the National Police and the Tourist Police will watch out in all parts of the country.

Dominican Republic Live, from Dominican Today, 04.04.12, 10.15am

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