Russia interested in strengthening ties with DR; wants to sign agreements with universities and Ministry of Sports

The Russian Federation is very interested in strengthening inter-institutional cooperation relations and is willing to sign agreements to develop the potential of the atom for peaceful purposes, as well as to establish academic and sports agreements in favor of the country.

The information was offered by the Vice President of the DR Sub-headquarter of the Central American Parliament (PARLACEN), Honorable Deputy Franklyn de la Cruz.
Deputy de la Cruz explained that it was during a meeting of the Board of Directors of PARLACEN, held in Guatemala, that Ambassador Vladimir Vinokurov, of the Russian Federation, expressed his interest in strengthening and expanding relations with the Dominican State and government.

“We value the intention of the Russians to want to establish agreements in the region, including the Dominican Republic. It is important to emphasize that these agreements depend a lot on the will of the government authorities”, the regional deputy highlighted.

He added that Russia currently has a population of more than 146 million inhabitants and is part of the G7 countries.

Deputy Franklin de la Cruz was participating this week in a monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Central American Parliament (PARLACEN), held in Guatemala, headed by the president of the regional body, the Honorable Deputy José Daniel Ortega.


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