Sargassum to be processed to produce electricity in Dominican Republic

Streamline Integrated Energy Corp and SENER Ingeniería y Sistema (SAS) will join forces to process and convert the sargassum present on the coasts of the Dominican Republic into electric energy, they informed today.

Quoted by the newspaper Al Momento, both entities said that they will present the solution based on a mixture of sargassum and solid waste, which will be processed at the Urban Solid Waste energy recovery plant in the province of San Pedro de Macorís.

The companies explained that 30 percent of this macroalgae will be converted into energy and emphasized that this will “guarantee a circular solution to the climate change, environmental and economic problems affecting the country”.

Streamline Integrated Energy Corp and SENER Ingeniería y Sistema (SAS) announced that the plant has already been designed and its boiler has the capacity to process floating seaweed mixed with solid waste.

SI-Energy Holdings Inc. is an entity formed in Delaware and registered in New York; Streamline Integrated Energy is the project in the Dominican Republic aimed at developing waste-to-energy plans based on innovative technologies.

The solution to the large-scale presence of this species in Dominican waters has become a priority issue for the authorities due to its effects on the national and personal economy, especially for fishermen.

Last week, Tourism Minister David Collado urged the Executive Council of the World Tourism Organization, meeting in Punta Cana, to seek a joint solution to sargasso, which affects Caribbean countries.

Collado stressed the importance of working together on common issues and considered that the remedy to this collective problem cannot be individual.

In the middle of this month, the Central American Integration System (SICA) applauded the creation of the multisectoral table for the integral management of this issue, installed by the Dominican Ministry of Environment.

The main focus of this roundtable is the creation of a plan for the integral and sustainable management of sargassum, which will allow the application of short, medium and long term strategies.

Also this month, Santo Domingo obtained the support of the member countries of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) to treat this situation as a regional emergency, during the Summit of that organization in Guatemala.

In the “Antigua Declaration”, the heads of state and/or government recognized climate change as one of the greatest threats to the region, putting its inhabitants at risk and hindering the development of the economic activity on which millions of people depend.

In this regard, the upwelling of sargassum was declared an “emergency” and a commitment was made to work together to find alternatives.


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