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Dear Readers,

As you could see, Dominican Republic Live was not available last week: we were installing the online payment system.

Starting tomorrow, Dominican Republic Live will then offer to its readers online payments and reservations.

A new service that should facilitate trade in the country.

Online booking:

With this system, you can book your hotel room, restaurant, or an excursion.

For professionals, this is an excellent business opportunity whose purpose is to facilitate reservations and help them get a better international visibility.

Payment for services:

Thanks to the online payment, it will now be possible to buy services directly on the websites:

  • Classifieds ads: RD $ 500 per month in three languages.
  • Real estate or tourism ad: RD $ 3000 per month in three languages.
  • Hotels ad: RD $ 3000 per year in three languages.
  • Restaurants ad: RD $ 3000 per month in three languages.
  • Employment section: Send a resume or visit: RD $ 500 per year in three languages
  • Hurricane season: Receive all the alerts by SMS directly on your phone: RD $ 500.

Special promotions :

Dominican Republic Live will soon offer special promotions on hotels, restaurants, excursions, entance to museums, concert tickets, including reductions and gifts.

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