Security will be increased in Dominican Republic airports

As part of the festive season measures

In a meeting held at Las Americas International Airport, representatives of the National Intelligence Department (DNI) and the police discussed public and government concerns in response to the number of robberies targeting arriving passengers on the highway from the airport and other places and confirmed they would do everything possible to protect the thousands of expatriate Dominicans returning home for the festive season.

The meeting was attended by four generals, Miguel Paulino Espinal, head of the Specialized Airport Security Corps (Cesac), Amilcar Fernandez Tejada, director of the Tourist Police (Politur), Ludwing Suardi Correa, Police Eastern Region Commander and Neiris Luis Perez Sanchez, director of the Criminal Investigations Department, both representing Police chief Major General Jose Armando Polanco Gomez.

They agreed to increase security at the exit from the airport to various parts of Santo Domingo and the National District with communication between patrols to improve their capacity for catching the suspects.

In addition, the Armed Forces Minister, Admiral Sigfrido Pared Perez, ordered an increase in the number of military and police personnel operating at the airport including traffic police and tourist police.

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