Trip Team Members Needed in Dominican Republic

Shoes for kidsTo provide shoes for kids

Your help is needed in a beautiful, tropical, friendly nation to bring joy to grateful children. Sound appealing ?

Buckner International has one branch of ministry called Shoes for Orphan Souls. The Shoes program provides shoes for kids across the continents, meeting a practical need and telling the kids about Jesus.

The work is imperative. Those who have never had to go without shoes might not think of it, but shoes provide vital protection from disease and infection. As believers on Shoe trips spread the Good News, kids are not only protected from earthly disease but are given the chance to receive eternal life from the Great Physician.

Shoes for Orphan Souls has been in many countries, but never to the Dominican Republic. In just a month and a half’s time, though, that will change. Buckner’s Shoes program is taking its first trip to the Dominican Republic to wash the feet of children and to provide them with new shoes.

The only problem is: the trip is just weeks away and is still not full. This is where you come in. You could spend part of your winter vacation in a warmer climate with Buckner Missions in the Dominican Republic. Better than that, you could have the chance to be the first glimpse of Christ to a child.

The mission team will visit several sites in the Dominican Republic from November 12 to 19. Trip participants will not just bring shoes and leave. They will also spend quality time with the children, providing them with love and attention they often go without, and getting them involved with Vacation Bible School activities.

“It is truly amazing to be a part of God’s plan and to experience the power of the Holy Spirit as these children realize that they matter to God and they are loved”, says Chris Cato, mission trip coordinator.

Dominican Republic Live, 30.09.11, 10.55am

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