Services at DR airports are valued by tourists

46.2 % rated them as “excellent” in 2023

Tourists who visited the RD last year had a positive impression of the services offered in this destination: 44.5 % rated them as “excellent”, 32.2 % “good” and 16.7 % “acceptable”, which places the level of satisfaction of tourists at 93.4 %, according to a report by the Central Bank.

Servicios De Aeropuertos RDAirport facilities and services received when entering or leaving the RD obtained the highest ratings for almost all of the 28,084 tourists who participated in the Survey of Opinion, Attitude and Motivation of Non-Resident Foreigners in 2023.

The survey, published by the monetary entity this May, establishes that for 46.2% of the travelers surveyed, the airport facilities in the country are “excellent”, 37.1% qualified them as “very good” and for 16.1% they are “acceptable”.

99.8 %: Percentage that rated airport services as “excellent”, “very good” and “acceptable”.
Similar results were obtained for airport services: 46.2 % of travelers rated them as “excellent”, 40.8 % as “very good” and 12.8 % as “acceptable”. This gives a result of 99.8% for both facilities, with very few experiences recorded as negative.

The valuation of airports by tourists in the country remains at the top, above other relevant facilities for them when choosing a destination, such as hotel facilities and services, quality of food, cleanliness or local transportation, these being some of the 14 main indicators of the Central Bank in its survey.

Punta Cana and Samaná

Punta Cana and Samaná are the two places where travelers’ perception of the facilities and services provided at airports was the most positive.

Specifically, 82.7% of those surveyed rated the facilities upon departure from Punta Cana airport as “excellent”, 15.2% rated them as “very good”, 2% indicated that they were “good” and 0.1% considered them acceptable.

Similarly, all those surveyed at this terminal rated the services received as between “excellent” and “acceptable”, with 82.8% rating them as “excellent”.

At El Catey International Airport, in Samaná, 73.3% of those who participated in the survey indicated that the facilities were “excellent”, 23.6% “very good”, 2.6% “good” and 0.2% “acceptable”. The same was true of the services, with 73.2% rating them as “excellent”.

Evaluation of services

Punta Cana and Samaná are followed by the international airports of Cibao (32.4%), Puerto Plata (29.6%) and La Romana (29.6%) in terms of service excellence.

According to the survey, only 3.6% of the participants rated as “excellent” the Las Americas International Airport, the second busiest airport after Punta Cana.

However, this does not mean that tourists had unfavorable experiences with the services, as 54.6 % indicated that they were “very good”, 41.6 % considered them “good” and 0.6 % rated them as “acceptable”.

Meals and cleanliness

Food services and their quality were the other two aspects most valued by tourists after airport services, with 99.4% and 99.1% evaluating them as “excellent” and “acceptable”, respectively.

Foreigners also highlighted cleanliness among these three categories, adding up to a positive perception of 97.8 %.

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