Soltour Travel Partners bets on new technologies and the Dominican Republic in its Summit

The Summit that Soltour Travel Partners is holding at its stand at Fitur continues to generate good ideas and confidence for all travel agents. Yesterday afternoon, José Astudillo, Soltour’s Caribbean product manager, and Alba Mingo, marketing director of Hoteles Bahía Príncipe Hotels & Resort, spoke about the Dominican Republic as a safe destination with enormous possibilities for end clients and travel agencies.

A destination that, as José Astudillo pointed out, “is only eight hours away by plane and that Soltour Travel Partners puts within your reach with a program that has grown exponentially, supported by Grupo Piñero’s wide range of beds. A versatile destination with infinite possibilities for audiences of very different tastes, ages and conditions.

Regarding air connectivity, Astudillo highlighted that the joint venture will make available to its customers a huge number of airline seats from Spain and Portugal, which will make Soltour Travel Partner the best option for traveling to that country.

In Soltour Travel Partners’ five catalogs (General, Sensaciones, Novios, Familias and Golf) you can choose from a wide variety of Dominican destinations and 54 hotels belonging to the main national and international chains. The aim is to enable clients to enjoy the spectacular beaches, natural spaces and heritage of the Dominican Republic.

For her part, Alba Mingo highlighted the commitment to sustainability, health and wellness of Bahia Principe hotels in the Dominican Republic. To ensure this, Mingo said that “we have greatly enhanced the digital part (QR-based menus, pre checking…), as well as all kinds of health measures. A task endorsed by the most important audits over the past year.

Bahía Príncipe has its hotels in different resorts in Punta Cana, La Romana and Samaná. Among them, the group’s flagship, the Bahía Príncipe Hotel in Cayo Levantado, on the paradisiacal islet of the same name, with private access to the sea and exclusive services, and which has announced that its total refurbishment will be completed this year, creating a new concept of luxury for the group’s accommodations.

Technology at the service of agencies

This afternoon session was completed by Miguel Abril, director of technology at Soltour Travel Partners, with a presentation entitled “Technology, our engine at the service of travel agencies”.

Throughout his presentation, Abril emphasized that “technology has a time to be implemented in business. And for this, it is more than advisable to go hand in hand with a partner who has adopted this technology and who has already tested it, who has effectively proven that it works and helps the development of the business”.

For this reason, this joint venture has a technology work team especially dedicated to travel agents. Among the new features of this department, Miguel Abril has highlighted “a public roadmap, in which agencies will be able to report, suggest or request new technological developments so that Soltour Travel Partners can test them for you”.

To strengthen communication with customers since the beginning of the pandemic, they have implemented their chat service, with chatbot systems to refer queries to the corresponding department: “the novelty is that, from this week, the chat incorporates a voice chat”. In addition, starting in the second quarter, a whatsapp service will be implemented to attend to end customers 24 hours a day.

Finally, Abril highlighted Soltour Travel Partner’s commitment to sustainability. In this regard, he has presented something especially relevant: its digital brochures, and that “we have made them much more dynamic, visual and useful. Brochures with very striking images and that are very informative”. In conclusion, he recommended to travel agencies: “don’t start from scratch in technology, rely on a reliable partner like us”.

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