Some public institutions have doubled the number of employees and the amount allocated to payroll

From August 2020, when the change of Government took place in the Dominican Republic, to November 2021 the number of workers and the average salary in the public sector has increased.

The consolidated statistics of the Social Security Treasury (TSS), which include the municipalities, the financial public sector, the generation and distribution of energy and all decentralized entities, show that in a period of one year and three months some 12,048 employees joined the governmental train.

In August 2020 there were 603,204 registered employees in the State and in November 615,252. The average salary in that period went from RD$31,046.6 to RD$34,655.5, for an absolute variation of RD$3,608.9, according to the TSS data.

When analyzing the data (up to October) in detail in the Public Servants Administration System (SASP) we find that in some institutions the number of employees has almost doubled and in others, although the number has decreased, the amount allocated to salary has increased significantly.

The institutions where the largest increase of workers in the aforementioned period is recorded are the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, which in August 2020 had 3,818 servers and in October 2021 5,331, for an increase of 1,513.

In the Ministry of Energy and Mines, the number of employees doubled, going from 312 to 684, and 372 people were added to the payroll during the period analyzed.

In the Ministry of Public Health there are 2,427 more workers. In August 2020 there were 91,561 and in October 93,988.

In the Ministry of Tourism the number of employees has also multiplied, going from 681 in August 2020 to 1,494 in October 2021, for an increase of 813.

In the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology there was an increase of 489. In August 2020 there were 1,089 and in October 1,578.

In the Ministry of the Presidency there was an increase of 820. While in August 2020 this portfolio employed 7,888 people, in October the figure rose to 8,708. In the dependencies of this ministry the number of workers also increased, where the number went from 8,087 to 8,368, for a variation of 281.

Other agencies where there are more employees are the Attorney General’s Office, where the number went from 9,677 to 10,144, for an increase of 467; and in the municipalities, where there was an increase of 585 employees in the period analyzed, going from 2,715 to 3,300.

In other institutions such as the Comptroller General of the Republic, the Ministry of Public Administration and the Judiciary, there have also been increases, but very minimal.

In other agencies, on the other hand, there have been notable reductions in the number of employees. Among these are the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes, where in 2021 there were 2,383 fewer employees than the previous year. It should be noted that many of those dismissed from this institution have staged protests to demand payment of their benefits.

Another institution where the number of workers was significantly reduced was the Ministry of Interior and Police, which last August had 6,279 employees and in October 4,587, for a reduction of 1,692.

In the Ministry of Education there are 2,211 less employees. Before there were 214,130 and now there are 211,919.

In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the reduction recorded is 946 workers. Before there were 3,781 and up to the moment we reviewed 2,835.

To a lesser extent, reductions are registered in the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development, where 214 fewer employees were registered in 2021; in the Ministry of Public Works and Communications there is a reduction of 228 employees; in the Ministry of Agriculture 135; in the Ministry of Labor 201, among others.

It can also be seen that in most of the public institutions the amount allocated to the payment of salaries has increased, at least in the central headquarters, even in those which now have fewer people employed, such as Agriculture, where the payroll went from RD$182,569,479.60 to RD$199,569,266.54, although there are 135 less salaried employees.

In Public Works and Communications, the number of collaborators was reduced but the amount destined to the payment of salaries increased from RD$177,461,079.60 to RD$203,328,839.92.

In the Ministry of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation there are 60 less employees, but the amount destined to the payment of salaries increased from RD$61,979,432.61 to RD$68,498,222.24.

In the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development Economy the total allocated to salaries went from RD$50,191,367.20 to 63,250,760.79, despite the fact that it has 214 less employees.


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